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Today on Weekly Artist Spotlight, we take a look at an American Steampunk band known as The Cog is Dead, formed in 2006 by John Mondelli in DeLand, Florida. Captain John Sprocket and crew take us on a wonderful musical journey through time and space in their adventures to spread the word on the horrors of the digital age, and the beauty of the mechanical device, especially the “cog”.

Their debut album “The Cog is Dead: Steam Powered Stories” is currently available for purchase on Amazon.com and digital download at the iTunes store.


From the official The Cog is Dead wiki,

The members of The Cog is Dead are time travelers from the year 1893. John Sprocket, a clockmaker in Grimsby, England was shocked and disgusted when a rival clockmaker invented an electric digital clock, thus marking the death of the cog. Mr. Sprocket called on his good friend and bennefactor Sir Christofer Wolfe to help assist him in a plan to travel to the future to see if digital clocks were a permanent change or just a fad.

With the help of their mechanic Tony Seville and Joel their Navigator, they built a flying timeship and traveled one hundred years into the future. When they saw that not only were digital clocks extremely prevalent in the world but electricity had become the main source of power, they decided to make it their mission to travel all around the world to various points of time to try to encourage people to stop using digital clocks and switch over the the most beautiful source of energy that has ever existed, steam power. They now travel the world spreading their message for all to hear and performing mechanical melodies and steam powered songs to the masses.

Featuring the talents of: John Mondelli as Captain John Sprocket, Chris Fowle as Sir Christofer Wolfe, Joel Dennerle as Joel the Navigator, and Tony Mondelli as Mr. Tony Seville.

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