Second Life Security Warning: “Wrong Hands” Onyx Viewer Release Notice Intercepted

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A group notice was intercepted a few days ago which was reported as having been published to the Wrong Hands group in Second Life, purportedly by Tux Winkler.  The notice provided information about a new version of the Oynx client being made available  to the group members for possible griefing purposes.  The text of the notice:

Second Life Onyx Viewer Update!

Working god mode and many other covert features to rule second life!

Get it here Hands!
(link redacted)

Our updated hack secondlife, godmode, free money, full perm everything, secondlife god viewer!

Your pal,
Tux Winkler

Technical experts from Second Life’s Justice League Unlimited (JLU) group are reviewing this posted version of the client for possible threats to the Second Life community, and to validate its authenticity, which remains in some question.

The Wrong Hands and its members remain a concern to Second Life residents given their activities.  Linden Lab technicians are also being notified. Most of the exploits supported by the Onyx Viewer, a reference viewer originally created by Modular Systems ostensibly for testing and verifying exploits, have since been nullified by Linden Lab, so it is not known exactly how many of the features of the new release of Onyx actually function as Tux implies. Readers and listeners are advised to report Wrong Hands activities, especially griefing activities, directly to Linden Lab via abuse report when they are encountered on Second Life.  Readers need not be concerned about accidentally filing false reports – nearly all Wrong Hands members use ban evasion alts, their original accounts having been deleted long ago.  Simply being on the grid is a violation in their case, so filing for alt abuse is usually a solid approach.

Update – July 25, 2011

Tux Winkler, the last member of the notorious Wrong Hands group to retain his original account, was deleted from Second Life by the Linden Lab governance team at approximately 9:30 this morning.  With the loss of their sims Red Square and Revolution, the power of the Wrong Hands over the good people of Second Life is broken.

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  1. Far more likely than this viewer being able to circumvent the client-server model security architecture put in place by Linden Lab is the very real possibility that it comes along with malware such as rootkits, keyloggers, and even dormant logic allowing your computer to be silently hijacked for use as a node in DDOS attacks for which you will be held responsible as the owner of the computer.

  2. Word on the street is that the Red Square and Revolution SIMs are no more! Atlas Saintlouis is also reported missing. Is there some sort of linkage here or has the metaverse just pulled a fast one on us?

  3. I’ve looked at the files and concur Hewee, there’s nothing to suggest the sort of Exploits listed here and everything to suggest this is a Trojan horse. As for what lay within I cannot say but be advised if you receive a link for this file from another user REPORT it!!

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