Heroes Abound – Feats of Heroism Inspire

Krypton Radio Special Report

by Melanippe Karas
A few extraordinary incidents have been captured by the media recently which show you don’t need exceptional gifts from the gods, alien birth or amazing feats of engineering to do what seems like an everyday superhero task.  Most recently, police and concerned passers-by lift a car off a child who had tripped into the path of the vehicle.  Teamwork allowed them to retrieve the boy so he could go to hospital (he’s not hurt very badly and is recovering well).


Then, this Utah car-motorcycle accident — follow the link in the article to see the video footage of ordinary citizens, passers-by, who saw they were needed and responded to the call.  They didn’t stop to think about the limits of possibility; they didn’t stop to think about liability, injury or self-centred concerns.  They acted where they saw need.
Know your own inner hero.  Be open to recognising situations where a generous act or contribution will help others, because that will encourage them to act in the same spirit.  Let this greatness of heart grow, and it will only benefit us all.
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  1. I got chills watching the second video. That’s truly strength in numbers.

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