Turns Out Michael J. Fox Can Actually Play

Yes, we know this isn’t news.  Well it’s not news in the traditional sense of being news.  But, you know, you go to the movies and see the lead actor performing some musical or dance number in the movie, and you just know it’s faked or loop in somehow.  It’s not his voice, it’s not his hands on the guitar, it’s somebody else playing along and his microphone or guitar aren’t even plugged in.

Remember that great scene in Back to the Future II from 1985 where Michael J. Fox was shredding on stage at his own parents’ senior prom?


Yeah. Us too. Turns out that wasn’t fake at all.

Here’s the man himself at a charity event just last night.  Michael J. Fox has Parkinson’s disease, and was diagnosed with it at the very young age of 30.  He decided he’d use his celebrity raise public awareness to the fight against Parkinson’s, so it’s a fair bet the charity had to do with that.

Here’s to a truly timeless man, and the genuine article.



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  • Michael J. Fox Foundation  for Parkinson’s Research
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