What do Goku from Dragon Ball Z and Krypton Radio have in common?  Both have power levels over nine thousand!

As of 10PM Saturday evening, Krypton Radio (the site you’re reading this very moment), a radio station originally founded by a bunch of comic book fans in the Second Life MMO, has logged over nine thousand unique visitors in one month, and the month isn’t even over yet.

That’s not bots, or CGI calls, or web spiders – that’s real people using web browsers reading with real eyeballs.

We’re proud of our accomplishment, but with that comes a promise – to be the best comic book and science fiction radio station on the internet

Okay, yes, admittedly not that hard, it’s a pretty narrow niche. But the fact is, you’re voting with your visits – if we weren’t doing stuff you like, you wouldn’t be here every day.  And for that, we’re grateful – and we promise to keep doing what we’re doing and bringing you the best fan geek news and entertainment we can.

Don’t forget, we’re on Facebook, Twitter – and now iTunes!  And if you want to listen to us on your Android device, or your iPhone, you can use a number of internet radio apps.  We like TuneIn.  It works great, and it’s on both IOS and Android.

More announcements are coming your way from Krypton Radio.  Until then, look to the skies.  And enjoy the tunes.

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  1. Well that didn’t last very long.

    It’s over THIRTEEN THOUSAND now. 🙂 We could keep updating this comment, but at a thousand unique visitors a day, you can pretty much do the math yourself.

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