Game-Maker Nexon America Claims Hackers Ruined “Combat Arms” Online Game

Software-Maker “GameAnarchy” Sued For Giving Players Ability To Cheat In “Combat Arms”

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Game-Maker Nexon America, creator and operator of the Online First Person Shooter game Combat Arms, has filed suit against David Allen Barker aka Drunken Cheetah and his Georgia based company GameAnarchy, LLC. Barker and his company are accused of selling and distributing software that gives Combat Arms players the ability to bypass the Nexon made software and cheat by disabling various game constraints, in gross violation of the Nexon’s Terms Of Service.

GameAnarchy lists Combat Arms among its list of games which it provides hacking software for, and allows players to become invincible, never miss, and crash the game at will in addition to other abilities. GameAnarchy lists in its terms of service, that is not liable to the game-makers for which it makes hacking software for its players. Nexon has stated in its suit, seeking damages for four counts of copyright violation, trafficking in circumvention devices, breach of contract and other charges related to interfering with Combat Arms’ online service.



Above is a user made video showing some of the abilities that the GameAnarchy hacking software gives the player.



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