Police & Firefighters Grant Wish of 7-Year Old With Leukemia to Be Batman

The Everyday Heroes of A City Pull Together To Help A Superhero

By Staff Editor, PK

Courtesy: City of Arlington

The greatest battle that any man will face, is his own mortality. For a 7-Year old Arlington-Texas boy named Kye who is suffering from leukemia, that must be the greatest battle he could possibly imagine facing. But thanks to some wonderful volunteer efforts and the a Wish with Wings organization; Kye was able to live out a dream of his, and for one day in his young life, he became the legendary Dark Knight and helped fight evil in the city of Gotham Arlington, Texas.

Members of the Arlington Police and Fire Departments, along with the Mayor’s Office and several others setup an elaborate day of crime fighting events for Kye. Starring as a Little Batman, he joined forces with the caped crusader himself and helped defeat volunteers dressed as the Joker and the Riddler who were engaged in nefarious plots. With Batman and the Police, Kye stopped the Joker who tried to rob a bank, and with the Fire Department he outsmarted the infamous Riddler who tried to blow up city hall.

After a day of intense crime fighting, a catered chicken lunch and some quality time with Arlington’s men and women in uniform; Kye met with the Commissioner Assistant Chief of Police who presented him with the Key to the City.
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The Texas based a Wish with Wings, is similar to the Make A Wish Foundation, where terminally ill children can get help in making a special wish come true. And in Kye’s case, his wish was to star in a Batman movie, and while the organization couldn’t quite pull off the multimillion dollar budget that a movie requires, they did manage to make his wish come true in a even more special way.




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  2. The youtube videos are set to private, any chance you can let those loose so all us Farkers can see them? Thanks!

  3. It would be cool to see the Youtube videos, which are private and cannot be viewed.

  4. The first two videos were turned private by their original posters – but we found a new one. 🙂

  5. Wonderful in the truest sense, I applaud all involved. Big thanks to the Arlington PD, and the Arlington FD . Thanks also to Krypton Radio for hosting and sharing this story.

  6. Real talk… one of the greatest stories I’ve heard in a long time. Couldn’t imagine going thru what Kye is dealing with but made my day to see people don’t always suck… Gonna talk about this on the radio here soon… thanks

  7. I was the Batman Kye spent that day with. He had a ball, and so did I. (Grownups like to play Batman, too.)

    Kudos all around for the APD, AFD, and Judy, Dominique, Rachel, and the other great folks at A Wish With Wings.

  8. Lewis, that’s awesome sauce. You’re our hero. And could you please contact us at kryptonradio@kryptonradio.com? We’d like to find out more about your experience with Kye.

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