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The Corsair's Closet

UPDATE: Due to problems we have been having all week with our hosting service, this episode of The Corsair’s Closet did not air at 5PM as scheduled – it started a half hour late.

It will air again today at 7PM Pacific Time.

A great new show premiered last Wednesday, August 8th, The Corsair’s Closet and it will be broadcast as a regularly featured show on Krypton Radio! Unfortunately, as you probably noticed, we’ve been having server problems for about the last week and a half, and connecting to Krypton Radio was tough. We couldn’t even do it, and it’s our radio station.

So you probably missed it, huh? You probably thought, oh, blast it, the show’s on and I can’t connect! (Or worse yet, you missed it entirely because you didn’t hear about it in time.)

You’re in luck – being locked out of a radio show because the station server had a bad case of the hiccups isn’t fair to anyone – not to the ladies in The Corsair’s Closet, and certainly not to you, our listeners, so we decided to run the show again! Yep – here’s your second chance to tune in.

Now take note of this one, so you don’t miss it – Time Siren and Madwoman With A Box are presenting the first ever episode of The Corsair’s Closet for a reprise performance on Krypton Radio Tuesday, August 14, at 5PM!

Join them Wednesday at 4PM Pacific Time at their regular time for the next show in the series this week.

The Corsair’s Closet will be producing weekly episodes for our listening audience and will continue to produce “After Hours” segments that will be more geared towards our adult listeners. These “naughtier” episodes will be available exclusively ontheir web site at They’ll also be looking in on the Krypton Radio Facebook page from time to time, and of course they have a show page on the Krypton Radio web site itself.

The title of the show, by the way, refers to a background character “The Corsair” mentioned in various episodes of Doctor Who, but who never appeared on camera – except for a forearm, in the Neil Gaiman authored episode, The Doctor’s Wife.

Does that make Krypton Radio bigger on the inside?

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  1. Dear Time Siren and Madwoman with a Box,

    Congratulations on your first episode! Can’t wait for nex week’s. A few comments:

    I can’t imagine that you fine ladies would be prone to cursing. But if you are, just stay away from the seven deadly FCC words. “Ear Hole” is fine. I think it was on the Keven and Bean show that they used the phrase “Jack Hole”. It sounds rude, but it doesn’t mean anything. Come up with your own curse words, or use words like “Frack”, “Feldercarb”, or my favorite, “Belgem”! Fans will get it.

    I worked in a toy store for while. We had a couple of guys that would give the same arguement you mentioned. They played with action figures, not dolls.

    Time Siren: You may have your eleventh Doctor, but I have my Puffy Ami Yumi ACTION FIGURES! Not to mention Yoko, Yomiko and Ms. Deep.

    Madwoman With a Box: You might want to try to put some enthusiasm in you voice when you podcast.

    Can’t wait for your 5th episode gala. I’ll bring the sparkling cider and Chips Ahoy. Whoo hoo!! Party all night.


    TBH (ask the Pharos Boys)

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