Sep 012012

It’s today!  The first episode of the new season of the popular BBC One dramatic series Doctor Who is tonight at 9PM Eastern time, 8PM Central time, 7PM Mountain Time, and 6PM Pacific Time (Krypton Radio time).  Be sure to check your local listings, don’t rely on us or you could miss it.

All week long, BBC One has been running one minute interstitials, “micro-sodes”, called Pond Life.

Rather than tease you with them one per day, we figured they’d eventually release the entire mini story all edited together, and we lucked out (and now so have you).

Today we present Pond Life in its entirety.  The word of the day is “Ood on the loo”.


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  One Response to “Video Of The Day: Doctor Who Season 7 Prequel, ‘Pond Life’”


    The word of today is the Gally ribbon of tomorrow, lol!

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