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Sep 132012
Doctor Who is the longest running science fiction television series in history.

Two weeks ago we brought you all the episodes of the prequel for the new season of Doctor Who – but what we didn’t know, and what few others knew, was that there was another prequel, one they didn’t air.

What you are about to see (assuming the BBC hasn’t had it pulled) is the unaired prequel to the first episode of the new season, that shows what happened immediately before the Doctor took off to confront the Daleks in the exciting first episode.


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  One Response to “Video Of The Day: Asylum Of The Daleks UNAIRED Prequel”


    Thank you for putting this up. It lends a great air of creepiness to Asylum of the Daleks, don’t you think?

    As a point of interesting trivia for those into that sort of thing (like us ;), the Headless Monk was played by Barnaby Edwards, one of the long-standing Dalek operators whose video diaries of the episodes Bad Wolf and Parting of the Ways is featured in this month’s Doctor Who Monthly magazine (issue #450).

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