No ‘Justice League Dark’, With Or Without Guillermo Del Toro

Characters from the film ‘Heaven Sent’ project that doesn’t actually exist, and that Guillermo Del Toro is not actually working on.

Latino Review cruelly raised the hopes of both Guillermo Del Toro fans and those who follow the DC Universe mystical characters by putting forth the rumour that GDT was working with Warner Bros. to direct a film called Heaven Sent, and featuring the Swamp Thing, Deadman, the Spectre, Zatanna et alia. The assembly of characters were compared to the cast in Swamp Thing #50 and Swamp Thing Annual #2 by the very excited

Unfortunately, this has been thoroughly debunked by Indiewire and Cosmic Book News. A comment by GDT himself in his website forum, quoted by, again,Cosmic Book News, suggests that if the studio was really interested in a seriously-handled Swamp Thing or supernatural superhero film, he’d be all up for it — but no such project currently exists in a form that would include negotiating for a director.

With the current trend of well-done comics films, maybe all this hub-bub will stir some interest in the right corner suites. We can only hope.

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