Superhero Phoenix Jones Takes Out Racist Attacker While Police Watch

Warning: This video contains obscenity and racist remarks

Seattle Superhero Phoenix Jones was involved in a physical fight early Friday morning with a man who Jones accused of threatening to come to his house and fight him. He won in 37 seconds.

While on patrol in the University District around 1:45am, Seattle Superheroes Phoenix Jones, Midnight Jack, Red Falcon, Bishop, and Westlake Drake walked up to a car being blocked by a man and being punched by another man according to Jones.

Jones approached the scene and the car was able to escape according to Jones.

Video shows what then took place afterwards on University Way between 45th and 47th Streets, and it’s not good. Jones tried leaving the scene at about the 48 second mark in this video. He had 9-1-1 called near the 1:08 mark when the men they thwarted began following him and his crew.

The Seattle Police show up a minute and a half later, and Jones tries to explain to the officer what took place, but the the men are taunting and interrupting, attempting to prevent Jones from telling his side of the story.

Jones is conversant in the law and knows exactly what he can and can’t do – he speaks to an aggressive man wearing an orange shirt about fighting under a “mutual combat law,” about three minutes into the video, in front of the police. Jones explains that the fight has to be mutual and says “if one of us falls, the other one stops, that’s the law.”

Jones tries to let the matter rest, but the aggressive men won’t hear of it.  More police show up at the five minute mark.  At six minutes and thirty seconds into the video, Jones warns everyone to back up because there’s going to be a fight – and one the fight starts, it’s 37 seconds start to finish.  Jones is the victor, stops, and walks away as promised.

After the fight, Phoenix Jones released the following statement:

I respect everyone’s right to free speech, the only reason I consented to a fight was because he said he would come to my house. I take my family’s safety very seriously.”

Seattle Police Department’s Sgt. Whitcomb confirmed to Seattle Weekly that the fight between Phoenix Jones and the man wearing the orange shirt was legal according to Seattle Municipal Code 12A.06.025. Whitcomb also stated that the Police Officers on the scene did their job according to the “unique” situation.

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  1. I watch this video, and did not know that you can fight under mutual combat rules in Washington State. I wonder if there such laws in other states.

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