New Sci-Fi Comedy Web Series: ‘Squad 85’

Never mind where Car 54 is.

Debuting tomorrow, November 13, is Squad 85a boot-to-the-head web series about some time traveling cops from 1985. Featuring Parvesh Cheena, Rizwan Manji, Danny Pudi, the series is about how the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) created a secrete  Time Travel Division in 1985, catapulting 4 of LA’s finest 25 years into the future. That future is now.

Squad 85 looks to take a comedic spin on A-Team, Charlies Angels, and 21 Jump Street. Characters in the series include Wheels (the brains), Rusty (the heartthrob), Bronx (the muscle), Bobby (the rookie), Tori (the master of disguises), the Chief (undercover Asian woman), and Rickman (the arch-villain). Some of the characters you’ll meet:

  • Danny Pudi plays the scientist that sends Squad 85 back to the future
  • Rizwan Manji plays the assistant principal of Dukakis High School with some secrets of his own
  • Sonal Shah is a local news reporter, who to her chagrin the most-viewed bloopers in YouTube History
  • Chris Larkin plays Bobby, our by-the-book, new recruit — here to help our Squad integrate into present day.
  • Parvesh Cheena play Rickman, Dukakis High school’s shortbus driver & Squad85’s sociopathic Arch-Villain.
  • Diedrich Bader plays the Commissioner responsible for bringing 4 of LA’s finest 25 years into the future.

The show will be appearing on the YouTube channel YOMYOMF (“You offend me, you offend my family”), which is not known for being necessarily a “safe for work” YouTube channel.  Still, the production values are slick, the fan service is strong, and the show has a vibrance to it that we hope will carry it soaring.


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