Suddenly, We Find Ourselves At ‘The Event Horizon’

Krypton RadioIf you’ve been following our Kickstarter campaign, you might know that one of the things we hope to accomplish is the creation of a new regular radio program called The Event Horizon.  It’s a science fiction and fantasy discussion panel show, and will feature weekly guests who write, create, animate and otherwise define the bedrock of the world-wide science fiction movement we collectively call “fandom”.

This Saturday at 10 AM, Pacific Time, at the Los Angeles Airport Marriot Hotel on Century Boulevard, we will be hosting a panel discussion on the construction of mythologies for science fiction and fantasy books and graphic novels – and it’s happening at LOSCON 39, the annual convention of the Los Angeles Science Fiction and Fantasy Society.  We’re a proud co-sponsor of the convention, and what better place to launch our new project?

Our guests for the first show are authors S. P. Hendrick, Maggie Secarra, Robert “True Thomas” Seutter, David Clarke and Walter Bryant of Day Zer0/ Off Shoot Comics, and Susan L. Fox, executive producer of Krypton Radio and myself – Gene Turnbow.

If you can’t physically be there for the panel, the show will air at 9PM on Saturday November 24, 2012.  See you there, or tune in!  If you like the show, tell us by supporting our Kickstarter, and we’ll make more!

This is the threshold.  The point of no return – this is the place where everything changes.  The Event Horizon.

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