The Clone Wars, Other Projects Get Order 66’ed

by Krypton Radio staff writer Michael Brown 

After speculation that the popular, long-running Star Wars: The Clone Wars would move to Disney XD from its Cartoon Network home for a 6th season, Lucasfilm, by way of video, announced this week that the season 5 finale, which saw Ahsoka Tano leave the Jedi Order, would be the swan song for the series. In addition, the Star Wars-based comedy series called Detours by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich of Robot Chicken fame has also been indefinitely postponed, the live-action crime-themed TV show Star Wars: Underworld, as well as the 3D re-releases of the last 2 prequel films, all presumably in light of Disney and Lucasfilm preparing for the launch of the sequel films.

Despite the fact that there will be no new episodes of The Clone Wars produced for Cartoon Network, the show will tie up all loose ends, as new story arcs referred to as “bonus material” are being produced. Some of that new footage was shown at the conclusion of The Clone Wars’ supervising director Dave Filoni’s video announcing the end of the series. The footage hinted that fans would see the beginnings of the “Order 66” command that was genetically implanted into every clone trooper, as seen in Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

While it’s possible this bonus material could be a part of a feature-length wrap-up film such as Serenity was for Firefly, or a series of webisodes, whatever Disney and Lucasfilm intend to do, it is clear that they are closing the book on the Prequel Era.

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