Obituary: Our Childhood

by Susan L. Fox

Hiroshi Yamauchi, President of Nintendo, dead at 85; Mike Road, voice actor, dead at 95

Hiroshi Yamauchi was president of Nintendo.  Taking the company from its roots as a card game company which he inherited from his grandfather in 1949 to 21st Century gold standard of video games in 2002, his leadership brought the world the Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy and succeeding hand-held game machines as well as household names Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong. He also owned the Seattle Mariners baseball team, for those interested in a different style of gaming. Mr. Yamauchi died of pneumonia in a hospital in central Japan, aged 85.

We also hear that actor Mike Road, has passed away at age 95. He also enjoyed a career on stage and television from the 1940’s to the 1990’s, but is best known for longtime voice actor best known for “manly” characters in Hanna-Barbera series such as Race Bannon in “Jonny Quest” and Zandor in “The Herculoids”.

If you are old enough to listen to Krypton Radio, today is a sad day for you and for us all.

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