‘Slice of Scifi’ Comes To Krypton Radio!

 by station manager Gene Turnbow

Krypton-SliceSlice of Scifi has joined the Krypton Radio family of shows! Tune in each day at 1:00 AM, 9AM and 5PM Pacific to hear new episodes, five days a week!

Okay, okay – I think I can stop silently squeeing as I sit here long enough to write the rest of this.

Slice of Scifi has been bringing the geek thunder to internet broadcasting since 2005.  The show is an amazing sampling of science fiction and general geekdom, attracting some of the biggest names in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres. Slice has already entertained millions of geek-centric fans with interviews with top actors, writers, directors, comic book celebrities, creators, and artists, via their multimedia news, weekly podcast and SiriusXM broadcasts.

Which are now going to be Krypton Radio broadcasts.  (Squee!  Okay, deep breath.  Breathe, breathe.)

The show is an incredible team effort, and I can’t list all the credits here, but the executive producers are Jeffrey Willerth  and Summer Brooks. 

Jeffrey was an associate producer for the Warner Bros. sci-fi hit Babylon 5 for all five seasons of the show’s prime-time production. He also played the role of Ambassador Kosh, the representative of the mystic ancient race, the Vorlons.

Summer is a remarkable blend of sci-fi geek, technology wonk, voice actress and kickboxing enthusiast (and participated in amateur competition, she’s that good), and she handles much of the show’s post-production and editing, as well as maintaining all their web sites as well as doing voiceover & narrations for StarShipSofa and Crime City Central among others.

It’s hard not to drift off into hyperbole when talking about Slice of Scifi, or how proud we are that they’ve joined the Krypton Radio family of fine SF&F programming.

We know you’re going to love this.  Tune in!

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