Video of the Day: Ryan Hendrick’s Doctor Who:Beseiged” 4th Prequel Mini-sode

As you might remember from our previous coverage on BAFTA nominated Scottish actor and producer Ryan Henrick, he’s the creative madman behind Doctor Who: Beseiged.  He produces a version of Doctor Who that is so high in quality and so well done that the BBC was legitimately concerned that the public might actually think he was the “real” Doctor Who and that his episodes were actually being produced by the BBC.  That’s how good Ryan’s interpretation of the famous time traveling adventure really is.

With just two days to go before the 50th Anniversary special episode of the real Doctor Who production called Day of the Doctor airs, Ryan and his production crew treat us to a minisode prequel made with the same production values as the real thing.  In fact, embarrassingly, it’s a bit better than some of the other material the BBC itself has been releasing these past few days in preparation for the Big Event.

Here then, is the fourth prequel minisode which lacks a title, but which we think should be called The Doctor’s Birthday.  In it, his companion Ade, while attempting to mark the special occasion, takes The Doctor on an adventure that he is unlikely to forget, and not necessarily for the right reasons.

Rumor has it that Peter Capaldi may only be in the role for one year, depending on how popular he is.  He’s only signed a contract for two seasons’s work.  If that’s true, the BBC might well advised to follow Capaldi up with an actor in the role who can pull it off with style.  There is a petition on to have the BBC create a series featuring Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor after his heart pounding performance in the BBC prequel Night of the Doctor, but if they need to move forward with a new actor, they could do worse than to choose somebody who has made himself familiar with the role and can actually prove, on film, that he can #SaveTheDay: Ryan Hendrick.

The Doctor’s companion Ade is played by Natalie Clark.

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