1st Look: ‘Ghostbusters’ 2016 Official Trailer #1

The Ghostbusters reboot being made by Sony Pictures went through some serious drama before ending up in the state it’s in. Various attempts to bring the original cast back together were repeatedly stymied, and when Bill Murray read Dan Akroyd’s original script for Ghostbusters 3 back in 2011, he ran it through a shredder and sent it back to him in a box. The fan community saw the first stills of the new team and their first impression was that this looked like a bunch of middle aged ladies going shopping for home improvement supplies, not Ghostbusters. The cast, comprised of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones,  with Chris Hemsworth as the token hot blond secretary (gender role reversal, but hey, it’s Chris Hemsworth), looked uninspiring, uninspired, and frankly a little ridiculous.

And this is why releasing extreme long shot set pictures from an effects heavy action comedy is a terrible, terrible idea. Because they can’t possibly generate the first impression that comes even close to how much amazing fun the film is really going to be. Feast your squinties on this, and tell me what you think.

The first thing I noticed is that the characters all work. The trailer is masterfully cut as well, in that it shows us lots of juicy little details about the plot without giving away the actual plot. What we do know at this point is that 30 years after the original team worked the streets of New York, the City that Never Sleeps has a new reason not to sleep: somebody has created technology that dramatically enhances paranormal activity. The results are pretty obviously something that needs the attention of a new team, and we get to see bits of how they form up. They also aren’t pulling any punches, they’re showing us some amazing pieces of the action that awaits us, including a great cameo of Slimer himself. There are pieces of this that underscore the relationship between the women as well, including one of Kristen Wiig where she seems to be channeling her inner Peter Venkman.

It’s one thing to see a bunch of ladies in ghostbusting togs with a car that looks like a cheap knockoff of the original Ecto 1 in a still image, and its another entirely to see them working together on screen and experience that chemistry. And they have it. The fact that that chemistry is mixed with a few hundred gallons of ectoplasmic goo just makes it that much better.

Ghostbusters is directed by Paul Feig, with screenwriting duties performed by Paul Feig and Katie Dippold, and releases in the U.S. on July 16, 2016.

And Sony? Good save. But next time, don’t scare us like that.


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