The fact that this sizzle reel for the second half of a single season of a television show exists is portentous in and of itself. Despite the delivery medium upon which Legends of Tomorrow is being delivered to its eager viewership, the CW appears to understand that the epicenter of the fandom surrounding a television show is not, and will never again be, the television itself. The trailer made its debut at Wondercon in Los Angeles this past weekend, and now the PR team has taken it to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to make sure we know all about the amazing stuff coming up.

Legends seems hellbent on giving the fans exactly what we want to see. Not only do we get Arthur Darvill fresh from his run as Rory Williams on Doctor Who as a sort of mashup of The Doctor, Rory and Captain Jack Harness all rolled into one as the rogue time travelling policeman named Rip Hunter, and all the other amazing cast members and their characters, we get some shiny new treats.

This marks the first ever television appearance of Jonah Hex, a confederate cavalryman with extraordinary mystical powers that allow him to speak with the recently dead (there was a Jonah Hex movie, but it stank and got only 12% on  RottenTomatoes), plus the introduction of Talia al Ghul, the return of Carter Hall (we were pretty sure they couldn’t let him stay dead), and a new plan set into motion by the Time Masters to go back and delete the younger selves of the Legends team from the timeline – by killing them. There is also a scene where the Atom, played by Brandon Routh, turns his shrinking technology in the reverse direction and becomes large and in charge. Hopefully.

Legends of Tomorrow is clearly pulling out all the stops and turning into one wild ride, if they can emerge victorious in their struggle keep the stories meaningful and relevant to the characters. The next episode, Left Behind, airs March 31.