Video of the Day: “Stalled Trek: Prelude to Ax’d-We-Are”

You know you’ve made it as a fan film when there’s a parody of you.

The Star Trek feature length fan film called Axanar has found itself on the wrong end of a copyright lawsuit launched by Paramount and CBS, claiming that the film will violate multiple copyrights owned by one or the other plaintiffs.

Yes, they’re suing over something that hasn’t been made and that nobody has seen yet. We think it has something to do with temporal mechanics.

The 20 minute proof of concept film for the movie, Prelude to Axanar, was wildly popular, so much so that when the law suit was launched it created a whirling firestorm of controversy within fandom as a whole, and Star Trek fandom in particular.

This seven minute computer animated puppet parody by Mark R. Largent does sendups of every major character in Prelude to Axanar, with hilarious results. Largent has been making these parody puppet Star Trek videos for years now,  and they’re pretty much all gasping, hold-your-sides-laughing funny.

You may want to pause or turn down the volume on our radio stream while you watch this. Use the control to the upper right in the site header.

Every one of the characters gets a royal roasting. In particular, the puppet version of Captain Sonya Alexander is so foul mouthed that they bleep half her dialog!

It’s funny on its own, but funnier if you see Prelude to Axanar first. Enjoy.


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