Kickstart This: Incredible Change-Bots

Incredible Change BotsCreative people create alternate realities. This project is Incredible Change-Bots, a collection of trading cards based on a popular cartoon movie franchise that never was. Take a step into another world. In a parallel universe, Incredible Change-bots is a tongue in cheek reflection of Transformers. It’s an homage by Christopher Irving to the goofy cartoons from the 1980’s that defined our childhood. It’s hard to describe the appeal of these scrappy little droids without showing you the video.

This 24 piece set  is not a standalone – the Change-Bots are from a series of graphic novels by cartoonist Jeffrey Brown (A Matter of Life, Clumsy, Vader and Son). The project pokes fun at thinly built, culturally tone-deaf action hero toy franchises, and strikes a pitch perfect note with its goofy designs and character names. One of the robots is just named “Balls”, and one of the trading card options is a “Heavy Metal” version of that character on a trading card, named — you guessed it — “Heavy Metal Balls”.

If this is the kind of strange transtemporal artifact that makes your inner child giggle with glee, consider becoming a backer.





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