Chaotix’s OP-ed: Why were Last Night’s ‘Game Awards’ So Cringeworthy?

chaotixfacebookheader2This is year three of The Game Awards (originally Spike’s Video Game Awards). Geoff Keighley (who is the producer and host) helped show me personally why native advertising should not be mixed with something like an awards show. I understand there needs to be funding for the show to even happen but really – repeated advertising for Schick Hydro under the guise of a fighting game with one of the creators of Mortal Kombat?

On top of that, they hardly showed respect to the developer of That Dragon, Cancer, a game about his son who died of cancer. Whoever was in charge of the camera should have just kept it on the developer because he was pouring out his heart regarding the game and by proxy his son. They kept cutting to the expressions on people’s faces including the presenter’s face. They ended up making the segment feel awkward and even forced at times. This is seriously disappointing because of the fact that this is supposed to be recognizing “Games for Impact” award and by doing that you are detracting from the focus of the award, which in this case was the developer of the game.

One other thing that grinds my gears is the fact that they had multiple musical guests that had nothing to do with video games at all. Let me say that again: nothing to do with video games at all. They were on the show because they are popular, and for no other reason. This is how they was introduced and recognized. This is upsetting because we’re supposed to be celebrating video gaming’s achievements. How are we accomplishing this with having a “popular” artist regardless of the genre come and sing? Are you trying to get more eyes on the product for the advertisers? Are you trying to alienate the very video game fans and developers this is supposed to be celebrating? Who in the hell signed off on this?

I personally feel that they need to re-imagine how the event works and trim down the fat. Get rid of awards that are not recognized on stage, have fewer musical acts and make sure they are related to video games, have proper advertising (even if this means we have to have commercial breaks), and last but not least, make sure everything is on point people talking on the mic besides Geoff.

Remember, this is just my opinion. I could be wrong. Tell us why you agree or disagree in the comments below.


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