Jim’s Big Ego’s “Thank God It’s Over”

This year has seen a lot of tragedy. No matter your focus, world politics, domestic politics, or the things we love about life and the people who make those things, it’s been a pretty terrible year. It seems like there are wars and oppression everywhere. We’ve also seen one of the most divisive election years ever. That was hard on everybody. We’ve lost Carrie Fisher, Kenny Baker, George Michael, Richard Adams and David Bowie, and that’s the tip of the iceberg. We’ve seen a sudden sharp rise in hate crimes, based on nothing that makes any sense. Usually we look forward to the new year with anticipation. What wonders will the new year bring us?

Not this year. This year, Prince’s 1999 and Auld Lang Syne don’t cut it. We just aren’t feeling it.

Jim’s Big Ego, the same band who brought us the great Flash themed song The Ballad of Barry Allen, gives us an alternative. Here is Thank God It’s Over.

There is still good in the world. It will come out and show itself when it’s needed the most. (That’s actually one of the reasons Krypton Radio is still here. Somebody’s got to shine a light, even if it’s a little one.) But for now, thank God 2016 is over. It’s done quite enough damage for one year.


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