Video of the Day: ‘Kamala’

Kamala is a no-budget fan film produced by Anita Kalathara & Landis Aponte about Kamala Khan, a relatable Pakistani American teenager who also happens to be Marvel Comics’ first Muslim Superhero – Ms. Marvel!

This is our Video of the Day for a variety of reasons:

  • It was done on a shoestring (and a borrowed one at that) and still tells a great story with some pretty okay effects.
  • It features a Marvel character who, to the best of my knowledge, has never appeared on the screen before, large or small.
  • It shows that the fine art of fan film making is alive and well. What it might lack it expensive sets and chase scenes, it makes up for in heart.

I found out about the film through a local industry creative group I’m a member of here in Los Angeles. In the email, the director Landis Aponte said that the film had gotten the attention of one of the creators and writers of the Ms. Marvel comic, G. Willow Wilson, and that he’d been blown away by it. Watch, and enjoy.


Directed By: Landis Aponte
Written By: Anita Kalathara & Landis Aponte
Edited By: Landis Aponte


KAMALA – Anita Kalathara
ABU – Anjul Nigam
AMIR – Amin El Gamal
AMMI – Vee Kumari
NAKIA – Richa Shukla
ZOE – Amymarie Gaertner
PC – Brad Wind
FRIEND – Wolfie Trausch
FOOTBALL BF – Matt Zapata
KABOOM – Nicole Zyana
HIJINX – Tatiana Carr

Sound By: Lee Barnett
Production Assistant: David Anguiano
Opening Voiceover: Calvin Winbush
& Wolfie Trausch

Marvel Fan Artwork provided by Jared Barel

Copyright Free Custom Made Music Using Filmstro App

Special Thanks:
Jake Matthews
Mayank Bhatter

Kamala is a non for profit no budget fan film made by Ms. Marvel fans.

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