Kickstart This: Restoring Movieland Wax Museum’s “Star Trek” Characters

Trek Wax. It’s not a sci-fi surfboard treatment, but an amazing discovery, and an incredible find. Read on.

In 1974, the Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park, California, opened a new exhibit. It was a replica of the original Star Trek series bridge set, complete with seven life-sized wax figures of the seven main characters. This was the only time all seven figures had been created and displayed this way, and Trekkies came from all over the world to see them. William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Deforest Kelly, James Doohan, Nichelle Nichols, George Takei and Walter Koenig, were molded, measured, photographed and sculpted between the years 1973 and 1981, by the legendary artist Logan Fleming, until their figures were perfect.

In 2005, Movieland Wax Museum went out of business and all the figures were auctioned off separately, including the Star Trek figures and set. Many Trek fans, including families of the actors, bid on the figures, but one man bid higher than anyone else, so that he could keep all the figures together. Over $100,000 was spent and they were displayed once in 2006 at Star Trek Las Vegas convention, and then never seen again.

Fast Forward to Now

In 2012, a fan named Huston Huddleston rescued the Star Trek Enterprise D and Original Series touring Bridge sets from destruction, but there was no museum in the world willing to display them, so he and some of the biggest names in Science Fiction created the Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum  which begins touring around the world in 2017, with plans to have a permanent location in five years in Los Angeles.  Some remarkable and well known people in the world of science fiction in movies and television are on the board of directors:

• Ronald D. Moore, (Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek)
• Andrew Probert, (Star Trek, Back to the Future)
• Catherine “Cady” Coleman, (NASA astronaut)
• Doug Drexler, (Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek)
• David Gerrold, (Star Trek, Land of the Lost)
• Timothy Earls, (Firefly, Iron Man 3)
• Dan Madsen, (Founder of Star Wars Celebration)
• Dan Curry, (Star Trek)
• Greg Nicotero, (The Walking Dead)
• Andre Bormanis, (Star Trek)
• Ve Neill, (Hunger Games)
• John Eaves, (Star Trek)
• Adam Schneider, (Galileo Restoration)
• Rick Sternbach, (Star Trek)

And here’s where it gets interesting: the owner of the figures knew about the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum and asked Huston if he would be interested in accepting all the figures and the set, displaying them and keeping them together, and of course Huston said yes.

Restoration and Tour

This Star Trek Original Series Enterprise Bridge set and Spock wax figure will be introduced at Wondercon in Anaheim March 31 through April 2 2017, then the set and all figures unveiled later this year in the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum tour, beginning in Los Angeles, then around the world for the next five years. The tour is produced by SEE Global Entertainment, who also did the Star Trek Tour in the early 2000’s. The tour will help raise money for the museum’s permanent home in Los Angeles.

The figures and the set will become part of the Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum, but to do that, they’ll need to restore and repair the figures. There are issues with the uniforms, some of the body parts, and some really bad wigs that were somehow thought necessary during a renovation of the exhibit in the 80’s (the original wigs are lost to time). That’s where you come in. You can help them pay for the restorations via the Kickstarter.  This is the same fellow who found and restored the Enterprise D Bridge Set from 2014, and the campaign is already off to a flying start, and there are some great perks involved too.

You can help save this historic and irreplaceable part of the history of Star Trek. Go have a look, and help if you can.



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