On “The Event Horizon”: Sphero Spider-Man Voice Actor Andrew Bates

Sphero Spider-Man voice actor Andrew S. Bates

It’s the unexpected breakout hit toy of the year: the Sphero Spider-Man. For this week’s episode of The Event Horizon, we had the unexpected pleasure of speaking with the man who supplies Spider-Man’s voice: voice actor Andrew Bates.

The toy itself has been under development for more than a year, and is finally available for purchase – if you can find one. It’s an unusual amalgam of a physical toy and a voice operated choose-your-own-adventure game, and because it’s partly web based, it’s constantly evolving and growing.

In this new episode of The Event Horizon, hosts Gene Turnbow and Susan Fox speak with Andrew about the creative process involved with doing voice work for a multi-year project.

The episode airs at the following times over the next week:

Sat July 154 pm PT / 7 pm ET / Midnight GMT
Sun July 164 pm PT / 7 pm ET / Midnight GMT
Thur July 204 am PT / 7 am ET / Noon GMT
Sat July 224 am PT / 7 am ET / Noon GMT

After all the air times have passed, this episode will be available on iTunes and Stitcher, and of course on our own web site on the show page as a downloadable podcast.

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  1. Just got one for $20 @ Walmart . I’m really disappointed that no one has a guide for hacking this thing by now! I mean, he’s cute and all, definitely a lot of fun for the kids but is “bigger” kids would like to have more fun with it. I’d love to give it Alexa-type functions, for example but I can’t code to save my life, so I’ll have to wait for someone else to do it. Until then, he’s still a fun little guy to have standing on the desk.

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