Video of the Day: Songhammer’s “Eat Us Alive” from Blizzcon 2017

Songhammer’s Eat Us Alive has to be one of the most awesome World of Warcraft music videos you’ll ever see. I’ll explain this in a moment. First, pause the Krypton Radio music stream and watch and listen to the pure awesomeness that is Songhammer:

This music video made its debut in October 2017 at last years’ BlizzCon. Songhammer is the official band of BlizzCon now, and their work is routinely featured on Blizzards Warcraft web site.

Pro cosplayer LeeAnna Vamp plays the seemingly unbeatable mortal enemy of the Songhammer warriors, who keep getting respawned, only to meet their virtual deaths. Over. And over. And over.

Songhammer has almost singlehandedly invented the musical subgenre called “Craftmetal“, as most of their music is based on Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft. They began in 2010 when they saw the music competition at BlizzCon. Inspired, they entered the contest themselves in 2011 with their hit single We Are The Horde.

The two front men, Shredhammer and Croonhammer, together with their drummer TimeHammer and guitarist DeathHammer, make up the mighty mighty Songhammer. They’re joined in this reality-gets-p0wned-by-fantasy work of pure metal art by Greg Grunberg (“Snap” Wexley in The Force Awakens), Clare Kramer (you’ll know her as “Glory”, one of the best recurring villain characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Sam Jones (if you think he looks familiar, he should: he was Flash Gordon in the 1980 cult classic by the same name) and internationally famous LeeAnna Vamp. The director, cinematographer and visual effects artist are all the same person: Randy Van Dyke.

At the end of the video you can see a crew picture of the entire production team. It really does take an army to make something this cool.

It’s not all clever production tricks, great costuming and gorgeous cosplayers, though. A lot of glam rock bands rely on these tricks to fill concert seats, leaving the music as almost an afterthought. Not so with Songhammer. They are masters of music. Every single note is carefully chosen and honed. Nothing is there by accident. They produce the infernal blazes out of each and every cut, sometimes working hundreds of hours on a single tune, with dozens and dozens of individual tracks all mixed down to geek metal perfection.

Krypton Radio is proud to be the best radio station on the planet to tune in to if you want to hear Songhammer music.

Guys, you rock, and you prove it. Every time.


Video of the Day: Songhammer's "Eat Us Alive" from Blizzcon 2017
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Video of the Day: Songhammer's "Eat Us Alive" from Blizzcon 2017
Masters of Craftmetal, Songhammer rocks. And they prove it. Every time.
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