Video of the Day: Asaf Fulk’s “Earthbound”

Today’s bit of audio confection comes to us from Asaf Fulk, with a sixties retro-inspired doo-wop tune.

Asaf Fulks

Songs come in various tropes, with story songs or conversation songs being some of the most interesting. In this case, the conversation is between someone in orbit and his or her Earthbound observer. This lyric video uses the visuals of Earth from space as a sort of poetic flow mirroring the tone and phrasing of the song. It’s short, but very very sweet.

The song features Josh Robin on drums. The videographer was YaKira Shimoni Fulks. Here’s where to buy the tune:

It all comes to us via the OC Recording Company of Orange County, California. Fulks created this company in 2005, about four years before Krypton Radio was founded.

Asaf Fulks is a world renowned recording artist, songwriter, music producer, audio engineer, videographer, inventor, author, educator and founder of The OC Recording Company — record label, music publisher, recording studio and accredited audio school in Orange County, California.

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Asaf discovered his passion for music production during his college years studying Computer Science and Economics at Denison University in Ohio. He converted his dorm room closet into a recording booth and began to teach himself the craft of music making. Soon Asaf became a hub for recording within the school and surrounding Columbus area. After graduating in 2004, he moved to his family in Hollywood and eventually relocated to Orange County to work for a book publisher. His boss recognized his passion for music and encouraged him to set up a studio in his unused office space. With minimal gear and few contacts Asaf set up shop and The OC Recording Company opened its doors in 2005.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend.


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