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Krypton Radio


Krypton Radio plays adventure movie and TV soundtracks, new talent from the world of science fiction fandom, comic books, anime, original programming, news on internet culture, radio serials and all the weird cool stuff you could never find all in one internet radio station – until now!

Our site gets between 50,000 to 85,000 visitors a month, depending on the content we’ve been running that month. We have thousands of fans on Facebook – and a listener base in the thousands as well, from 108 countries around the world. Our demographic is science fiction, fantasy and comic book fans roughly between the ages of 14 and 65, appealing roughly equally to male and female audiences.  We’re family oriented, and safe for work (and kids).

Where We Began

Krypton Radio (KR) was founded in 2009 by Hollywood special effects pro Gene Turnbow, with a group of friends who had grown up with the magic of comic books, superheroes, sci-fi and fantasy. This collection of nerds and geeks celebrated their love of the incredible music that has been produced by the ever growing fandoms surrounding Superheroes, Comic Books, Science Fiction, Steampunk, Fantasy, and Gaming with an ambitious venture. This resulted in the founding of Krypton Radio, the only radio station fully dedicated to music, news, and original programming for fandoms.

Based out of Los Angeles, California; Krypton Radio broadcasts world wide via the internet and even includes original programming, such as radio serials from partners who bring us talk shows such as “The Corsair’s Closet,” “TV Campfire,” “Stolendroids,” “Off Shoot Comics,” “and “The Fanboy Scoop – Week In Review.”

Not limited to talk, we feature as part of our amazing line up of radio shows, the classic “Adventures of Superman,” “X Minus 1,” and the steampunk adventures of “Drake and McTrowell.”Based on the BBC’s history making science fiction drama “Doctor Who.”

We also have special music blocks with “DJ Gary DaBaum,” and “Willow Leafstorm’s Steam Powered Cabaret” which focuses on the best in Steampunk music.

We’re very excited to feature a completely original Krypton Radio production called “The Event Horizon.” Think of The Event Horizon as a rolling convention panel with special guests and speakers each week – except without the convention. The show features science fiction and fantasy writers, publishers, artists, filmmakers, fan guests and creative people from all over the science fiction and comics creative spectrum.

Krypton Radio is fully licensed and pays all broadcast royalties.

As you’ve probably heard, it’s illegal to operate an internet radio station without being licensed either directly through BMI and ASCAP, through SoundExchange or through a sublicensing service such as as Krypton Radio does.

We honor the rights of musicians and their publishers to be paid for performances of their music, and have been licensed for internet broadcast since our debut in April 2009.

Krypton Radio is listener supported, fully licensed internet radio. Your contributions help make our round-the-clock listening experience and fine programming possible.




Where Do We Get Our Music?

Krypton Radio plays music selected from television shows, motion picture soundtracks and from fan sources and independent fan music producers – you may be surprised at the eclectic mix of genres, and will often hear music that takes you back to your childhood memories of your favorite comic book characters or shows. A lot of our pop and rock comes from TV shows like Smallville, and other modern productions that let us give you soundtrack music and still have a fresh, cutting edge sound.  A surprising amount comes from Creative Commons License sources and the fans themselves.

Krypton Radio is the only internet radio station in the world (as far as we know) that draws exclusively from these sources for its material, and we will continue to bring you the best in geek entertainment.

We’re family-compatible, too – no crass DJ’s, no foul or explicit language. (Yes, you can let your pre-teens listen to it without concern.)

Know of a tune or sound track you think would be great for Krypton Radio? Email us at kryptonradio (at) and let us know the artist, song title and album and we’ll try to get it and put it in our regular play schedule.  If you have a YouTube link, send us that – sometimes a fan made song will appear only there and nowhere else, and a fair amount of our music comes from the sci-fi fans themselves!

Writing for Krypton Radio

Krypton Radio accepts freelance articles for publication.  Writers retain their copyright to articles, but we prefer articles that have not been submitted elsewhere.  Submitted articles should be between 500 and 1800 words (less is okay, more is okay – these are just guidelines). There should be one at least one illustration or graphic of some kind. There can be more.

There should be a synopsis or abstract of the article between 140-400 characters long for the RSS feed, and another that’s under 160 characters for the Twitter/Facebook feed.
Articles should be newsworthy and/or  topical to our content, i.e., internet culture, comics, scif-fi, fantasy, fandom, cool science, astronomy/physics, gaming and MMO’s.

Krypton Radio reserves the right not to publish submitted articles. Articles (with pictures as attachments, if any) can be submitted by email to submissions (at)  If you are writing from or about an MMO such as Second Life, World Of Warcraft, etc; please include your in-world avatar name when submitting articles,  or your pen name otherwise.  Authors of longer articles may be asked for a short 50-150 word biography for an “about the author” box at the end of the article when published.

Producing for Krypton Radio

Krypton Radio is seeking new on-air productions.  You must be prepared to do your own production, and shows must be submitted as finished MP3 format files.  Program lengths as short as three minutes will be considered, and weekly shows are preferred to single, one-off productions unless the show is a substantial work.   Producers must agree to allow Krypton Radio to use their shows in accompaniment with on-air advertising.  Shows must mention the fact that they are appearing on Krypton Radio within the first minute of the show’s audio track, and again during the end credits.

Submit your ideas and production proposals to thepitch (at)

Krypton Radio Editorial Policy

Krypton Radio is not a discussion board.  Submitted articles must be either factual in nature or clearly marked  as editorials,  or as works of fiction if being submitted for Krypton Universe. Comments on articles must be on topic and not abusive, trolling, inciteful of flame wars, racist, or profane. We reserve the right to reject any comment for any reason we see fit, or no reason at all.

On occasion we may ammend or alter previous articles. We have that right, and do so because we feel it is more organized than a patchwork of  “update” articles all over the place.

Krypton Radio Privacy Policy

Krypton Radio values and protects your privacy. Email addresses used in making comments and the IP addresses related to those will not be resold or shared with third parties. We also will not contact posters via those email addresses unless specifically requested to by the poster.

The Krypton Radio Staff

Station ManagementSusan L. Fox, Executive Producer
Gene Turnbow, Programming Director / Proprietor / Wearer of Many Hats
Laura Davis, Managing Editor
Cat Carter, Production Manager
EditorsGene Turnbow, The Big Cheese
Laura Davis, Managing Editor
Staff WritersSusan L. Fox
Gene Turnbow
Laura Davis
Michael Brown
Alicia Glass
Vagabond Carter
On-Air Gawyn Philbin
Susan Fox
Gene Turnbow
Willow Leafstorm
Gary DaBaum
Rob "True Thomas" Seutter

Contact Us

Krypton Radio is based in Los Angeles, California.  No, we don’t have a brick and mortar location you can visit, but you can reach us via one of the following email addresses:

What You Need
How to Reach Us
General Station
Editor's Desk
Story Submissions
Advertising Desk
Pitch a Show!

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