Level Up with Chaotix!

ChaotixHeaderDJ Chaotix, formerly of Split Infinity Radio, has joined the Krypton Radio broadcasting family. He is now exclusively on Krypton Radio every Thursday and Friday from 1 to 3 pm PST / 4 to 6 pm EST.

James “Chaotix” Kennedy is a gamer, a on air presenter, husband, and founder of multiple online gaming communities. He has been in the online radio loop since 2009 and been running gaming communities since March of 2007. He prefers PC gaming to console gaming and will always be first in line to explain why PC is better Console.

You can find him on steam under the name chaotic4life (look for the yoda avatar!), and on his Facebook fan page!

As you might guess, Chaotix’ focus is gaming music and news, and his knowledge is deep and his music collection massive. He runs special contests and does giveaways on his shows, and you as patrons of Krypton Radio are first in line for the goodies.

Tune in. Get your head in the game.



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