“Change, My Dear … And Not A Moment Too Soon.”

If you’re a fan of MarkWHO42 here on Krypton Radio, you should know that it’s also a wildly popular podcast. In an effort to reach an ever wider audience, though, they are changing their podcast feed server from Buzzsprout to Spreaker. 

If you already subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast listening platform, all you have to do is switch to the new listing, Doctor Who: The MarkWHO42 Podcast, at your earliest opportunity. iTunes has already switched over to the new feed. So have Stitcher, TuneIn, Blubrry, and many others have already switched over as well. The old feed will disappear in the next 30 days and we don’t want you to miss out.

All the old shows will still be available on the new feeds, so you won’t be losing anything in this switchover – and of course, you can always hear the show fresh every week here on Krypton Radio. It’s on every Wednesday and Friday at 3 am and 4 pm Pacific Time.

That’s Doctor Who: The MarkWHO42 Podcast – tune in for new episodes each week, or find them on your favorite online service.

Thanks for listening. It’s been a wild adventure so far, and it’s only getting better.


Today on ‘MarkWho42’: Jon St. John, the Voice of ‘Duke Nukem’

Jon St. John on this week's episode of MarkWho42 on Krypton Radio!

Jon St. John on this week’s episode of MarkWho42 on Krypton Radio!

If you’re a Doctor Who fan and a gamer at all, you’re going to love today’s episode of MarkWho42. The episode is called The Four Hours That Changed Duke Nukem’s Life. First there’s a heaping helping of Doctor Who news, with co-hosts Patty and Iggy – then it’s a “Hail to the Chief” as Christian Basel goes head to head in this one-on-one interview with the Duke himself, Jon St. John, the voice of the wise cracking, @$$ kicking video game hero “that’s got Balls of Steel,” Duke Nukem. They talk about Jon’s impressive voice acting career, including his role as Big the Cat in the Sonic the Hedgehog Adventures and a little trip in the Trekkie Realm for Star Trek Online.

So, get out “a good cigar, and a bad woman.” Cause this episode of MarkWHO42 is one that Kicks @$$!

This episode airs 3 am / 6 am Eastern and  4 pm Pacific / 7 pm Eastern this Wednesday and Friday.


‘Doctor Who’ Debuts 53 Years Ago Today

53yearsofdoctorwhoOn November 23, 1963, An Unearthly Child, the first episode of Doctor Who aired on BBC1 at 17:16:20 GMT.  The show was the result of over a year of planning and hard work from a large team of people, including names that are now familiar to Whovians world-wide.

It all started in March of 1962, when Eric Maschwitz, Assistant and Advisor to the Controller of Programmes at BBC Television, asked the Head of the Script Department, Donald Wilson, to have his team’s Study Group look into the feasibility of a new science fiction series. By July, a follow-up report looking into specific ideas for the series had been performed and delivered. This report, presented by Wilson and Script Department staff member John Braybon, recommended a show about time travel.

In December of 1962, Sydney Newman took over as BBC’s Head of Drama. Newman was well-known to be a fan of the science fiction genre from his time at ABC Television and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. In March of 1963, he was advised by Controller of Programmes Donald Baverstock that there would be a gap in Saturday evening programming between Grandstand, a sports showcase, and Juke Box Jury, a pop music program. Ideally, the show that would fill this gap would appeal to children, as the previous show in this slot had, along with Grandstand‘s adult audience and Juke Box Jury‘s teen audience. Newman felt that this would be the perfect slot for a new science fiction show, and began to review the studies done by Wilson’s team.

Wilson and BBC staff writer C.E. ‘Bunny’ Webber were the primary contributors to the format of the show and the cast of characters. They also co-wrote the show’s first format document with Newman.  Newman came up with the idea of having a time machine bigger on the inside than on the outside. He also came up with the idea for the show’s central character, the “Doctor”, and named the show Doctor Who.

Later in 1963, the show was handed over to Producer Verity Lambert and Story Editor David Whitaker. Due to concerns about Lambert’s inexperience, Wilson named Mervyn Pinfield, an experienced Staff Director, to be Associate Producer. The draft for the first episode was written by Weber, and handed over to Staff Writer Anthony Coburn to pen the final script. Coburn is responsible for the TARDIS resembling a Police Call Box.

The theme music for the show was written by Ron Grainer in a collaboration with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Delia Derbyshire used a series of tape recorders to cut and paste together the individual sounds that she had created using concrete and square- and sine-wave oscillators to create the theme. The title sequence for the show was designed by Bernard Lodge and created by Norman Taylor.

The original cast of the show included William Hartnell (The Doctor), Carole Ann Ford (Susan Foreman), William Russell (Ian Chesterton), and Jacqueline Hill (Barbara Wright).


Reprinted by permission from the MarkWho42 web site. The article was written by MarkWho42 staff writer Faith Londo.

MarkWho42 can be heard on Krypton Radio every Wednesday and Friday at 3am Pacific / 6 am Eastern, and 4 pm Pacific  / 7 pm Eastern.

‘MarkWHO42’ Wins 1st Annual Spacie Award

Mark Baumgarten and his shiny new Space Coast Comic con 'Spacie' Award for Best Independent Podcast of 2016.

Mark Baumgarten and his shiny new Space Coast Comic con ‘Spacie’ Award for Best Independent Podcast of 2016.

The Spacie Awards is a brand new award given by the Space Coast Comic Con, starting this year and given out for the first time on this past September 9 at the convention itself, held in Cocoa, Florida. It’s a celebration of all independent artists involved with comics and comic cons in general, and there’s a special category for independent podcasts. Guess who won?

Mark Baumgarten, with cohost Christian Basel and a rotation cast of other talented cohosts and remarkable guests, had been pondering the idea of doing a web site, or a blog, or something having to do with Doctor Who since 2010. Things finally coelesced in 2012 and Mark started MarkWHO42’s WHOniverse with cohosts Trish Helm, and Eduardo M. Freyre. Christian Basel joined a short time later, and the prior two cohosts departed, but they’ve been gracing the internet airwaves with MarkWHO42 ever since.

Mark and his team had only been producing the show for two years when they signed with Krypton Radio in September of 2014 and became a full-fledged sci-fi radio talk show with a truly international audience. They figured that Doctor Who wasn’t all there was in the world, so they dropped the “Whoniverse” and adopted the title the show has now. Since then they’ve interviewed such sci-fi luminaries as Chase Masterson, and Doctor Who alumni Sophie Aldred, and Colin Baker.

G.W. Pomichter’s web show Hangin’ with Web Show took the time to be at Space Coast Comic Con to interview Mark on his shiny new award and what it means for MarkWHO42 going forward.

MarkWHO42 can be heard in a variety of ways. They’re on their own web site, of course, and they can be heard four times a week here on Krypton Radio, but they’re also on Florida Geek Scene, a wide spectrum of other podcast channels, and of course on iTunes.

We couldn’t be happier  that the best Doctor Who podcast on radio happens to be on our radio station, and we couldn’t be more proud of Mark Baumgarten and his gang of crazies that make the award winning MarkWHO42 what it is.



MarkWHO42’s 150th Episode, with ‘Dr. Who’ Script Editor Andrew Cartmel!

show-150Join the celebration of MarkWHO42 reaching their 150th episode by welcoming back former Doctor Who script editor Andrew Cartmel! We talk with him about his new book series of The Vinyl Detective and co-writing Titan ComicsRiver of London as well as, of course Doctor Who! Plus Patty gets to talk with Andrew about his Prisoner novel, which is something he’s always wanted to do.

geekonomicon2016We also talk about the upcoming convention Geekinomicon (September 2-4 in Oklahoma City) which will feature the 20th Anniversary Doctor Who 1996 TV Movie Reunion withSylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Eric Roberts, Daphne Ashbrook, and Yee Jee Tso. Friends of MarkWHO42 Simon Fisher-Becker (Dorium Maldovar) and Claudia Christian (from Babylon 5) will be there too. Oh yeah… Mark Baumgarten (the Mark of MarkWHO42) will be there as well. Tickets are available still at http://geekexpos.com/geekinomicon-oklahoma-city/ and if you enter the promo code WHOVIAN you will get 10% off your tickets!

MarkWHO42! More fun than sitting through 150 episodes of The Mentalist or House (both US shows which Andrew Cartmel adores)!!!

You can hear this new episode of MarkWho42 on Krypton Radio (and every new episode) on Krypton Radio at 3 AM PT / 6 AM ET  and 4 PM PT /  7 PM ET Wednesdays and Fridays. If you absolutely can’t wait to hear this new episode, here you go.  You’re welcome.