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Oct 252012
3000 FANS

Krypton Radio Newswire

In late breaking special news at this hour, Krypton Radio which is run and staffed by a bunch of crazy people too looney for modern society. Celebrated October 25, 2012 as a day that made them cry, laugh, giggle, and curl up into the fetal position as earth’s crust cracked and hell was reportedly to have frozen over at the news that they had achieved their 3000th fan on the social networking site Facebook.

Station owner Gene Turnbow in between fits of hysterical laughter and throwing darts at interns, was quoted as saying “I’m in shock really, I had always hoped we’d reach a diverse audience and it seems we achieved that quite well. Facebook as maddening as it can be at times, has been a wonderful medium for us to connect with fans and see how many are interested in what we do, so this is just a thrill that we finally hit the 3000 mark! But this was a massive team effort, with shows like Stolen Droids, Corsair’s Closet, Day Zero, our DJ Gary DaBaum, and all the talented people who’ve helped us build KR to what is now, I’m eternally grateful.”

We caught up with Producer Susan Fox who was launching pineapples off the roof of the office building with a trebuchet, “Of course I’m happy about the news, it means a lot that people are enjoying our site and tuning in to our station.  Between the fantastic music we play and the stories we cover, KR really is a station by fans for fans.” she said.

Senior Editor PK couldn’t be reached for comment as he was chasing the news crew with a shotgun and yelling at us to get off his property. But we assume he’s just as happy as the rest of the Krypton Radio staff, at the news of reaching the 3000th mark on Facebook.

From the cast and crew at Krypton Radio, thanks to everyone who enjoys our site, the music, our radio shows, and the just plain awesome content we put out. Don’t forget to checkout our Kickstarter Campaign, we’re about to get 20% cooler!

Feb 252012
Linden Lab, creators and operators of the popular MMO 'Second Life', is based in San Francisco, California.
Editorial by Vagabond 'Tony' Carter

Linden Lab, creators and operators of the popular MMO 'Second Life', is based in San Francisco, California.

The bloggers are abuzz about Linden Labs recent acquisition of Little Text People Game studio. Often the same short article is repeated over and over about this with whisperings of AI conversation in NPCs and relations to Rodviks hinted ideas about path-finding. But… Who are Little Text People?

Google returns nothing but the news that Linden Lab purchased them, though there are mentions of GDC 12 and socially engaging AI. The company seems to be owned and run by duo Richard Evans and Emily Short. However, it is what is missing that leaves me puzzled. LittleTextPeople appears to have no web presence, no credits in any well known games or projects and I’ve certainly never heard them mentioned on G4 TV. Perhaps I’m simply out of the loop, lacking a smartphone, but you’d think that even if this were a case of some iPhone/android app there would be more.

Little Text People appear, for now, to have rezzed naked, ruthed and alone with this announcement of their purchase by Linden Lab. We the residents await eagerly news of what this means for Second Life, if anything. So far it is unclear if LittleTextPeople will be added to the Second Life platform or remain a separate project or product for Linden Lab.

The company appears to have made a single interactive fiction game, almost entirely text based, and revealed at last year’s Game Developer’s Conference in San Jose, California.   – and Linden Lab wants what they built for their game for use in a project supposedly unrelated to Second Life which they’re quixotically calling “Project 3″.  Which implies that there was, or is, a “Project 2″.  It also implies that they’re interested in the artificial intelligence routines used in the game.  But for what purpose?  Even the pundits, who usually know everything, don’t know.

Know something more about Little Text People? Please share it,  either in comments here or with me via email me at ironinbox(at)kryptonradio.com.  Second Life users – and there are millions of them – are curious.  And so am I.

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Jan 232012

Vagabond “Tony” Carter is back for Season 5 of his popular show Stark Reality!

It airs each day at 8AM, 10AM, 4PM and 8PM PST, and features interviews and news about the virtual worlds we inhabit, and how the online community affects the world at large, with special features on the Linden Lab MMO Second Life..

This time we’re going to run the last episode of Season 4 and the first episode of Season 5 back to back – Tony’s doing a tutorial on how to make a scripted disco ball in Second Life, and it’s spread out over these two episodes. This way you’ll get the whole tutorial in one sitting.

Fanboy ComicsFanboy Comics is excited to bring back its trademark weekly podcast to Krypton Radio and its listeners as an on-air broadcast!

Join hosts Bryant Dillon,Barbra Dillon, Sam Rhodes,and Drew Siragusa –and an assortment of special guests –as they discuss the most exciting geek news from the week,compiled from our daily e-newsletter,The Fanboy Scoop.

The Fanboy Scoop –Week In Review can be heard on Mondays at 7:00 p.m./PST and Saturdays at 2:00 p.m/PST

You can also download the shows as podcasts via the listings below, from their web site, or you can subscribe to them on iTunes!

TV Campfire!

TV Campfire!

Libya El Amin’s TV Campfire is burning bright and back for the new season!

TV Campfire features Libya and her dynamic weekly roundtable discussions of all your favorite shows! Tune in Tuesdays at 7PM, then again on Sundays at 2PM for Libya El-Amin’s TV Campfire.

X Minus One

X Minus One

Tune in Fridays and Saturdays at 9:30PM Pacific time to hear X Minus 1

Travel back in time with X Minus 1, the popularly acclaimed science fiction radio series from the 1950’s. Krypton Radio is presenting these episodes in their original broadcast order, and even running two per week it’ll still take a whole year to air them all! Hear stories by the giants of science fiction converted into radio drama – television of the mind!

We’ve got even more shows in development too – stay tuned to Krypton Radio, and bookmark us, and join us on Facebook. You won’t want to miss a thing!

Jan 062012
Krypton Radio

Krypton RadioDo you have what it takes to be our On Air Fan Talent?

Krypton Media Group™ aka Krypton Universe™ / Krypton Radio™, is looking for original Fan Talent to host a morning show on Krypton Radio! We’re looking for individuals, or even a small group that is willing and able to produce its’ own show to be aired on Krypton Radio, with a minimum of three new episodes per calender week.

What is Fan Talent? Fan talent is like what you see on YouTube, people or groups using their talents to produce low-budget, yet high quality shows or series, in lieu of the millions of dollars some big budget studios pay to produce something of the same quality. We admit it, we’re not a huge station with 10 Million listeners, but we’re rising fast and looking for someone to jump on at the ground floor with us and ride to the top.

How We Can Help You

Let’s face it, everybody and his pet rock has a podcast these days.  Google is full to overflowing with them.  Therein lies the problem, though – how to you get heard in this tidal wave of downloadable content?  When everybody has a podcast and a blog, how do you get noticed? Getting your show heard depends on having a high traffic web site to start with, developing a strong fan base and online community and having contacts with whom you can cross-promote it all.  Krypton Radio has all this and wants to share it with you in exchange for being able to air your creative content on our radio station. We have literally thousands of listeners a month, in 109 countries all around the world.  You can take the next three years and develop your presence on the web from scratch, or you can join ours and skip the hard part.

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