First Genetically Modified Humans Born

Genetically modified humans have been a staple in science fiction for decades, but now rcsearchers at the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science of St. Barnabas in West Orange, New Jersey say that it’s already happened.

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‘Man Of Steel’ Suit Points To Deeper Problems

Movie makers keep tinkering with the iconic hero. This time we're getting 'Package Man'.

If ‘Man of Steel’ doesn’t do well, chances are pretty good the Justice League movie is toast. Read our editorial on why we think so.

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Get Down, America – Howard The Duck’s Silver Anniversary, But No Blu-Ray??

The huge box office success of the Avengers movie, the Thor movie, all three Spider-Man movies, Captain America and even the Ghost Rider all owe their shot at the big time to one oft-maligned film that George Lucas would probably love to forget ever happened. You know the one – the one with the duck.

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