Spotlight On Machinema: PookyMedia’s Sci-Fi Series ‘Time Travellers’

Pooky Amsterdam's 'Time Travellers' is machinema shot entirely in Second Life.

PookyMedia Film’s ‘Time Travelers’ is an animated web science fiction adventure series Three teens – Sofia, Trevor and Mariah – travel forward in time to become newly minted Mek fighters – defenders of the future. The series is shot entirely on Second Life.

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Video Of the Day!: I Kissed A Nerd – Damsels of Dorkington Music Video


Krypton Radio’s Video Of the Day!: Have you ever kissed a nerd… and liked it? Featuring rocking nerd improv group Damsels of Dorkington!

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Video of the Day: Mass Effect Rap “We Are One” By JTMachinema

Mass Effect 3 just came out, so naturally in accordance with a corollary of Rule #34 (“if it exists in a game, there is machinema of it”), JTMachinema produced this very cool video. The music isn’t just generic rap, it’s actually about Mass Effect, and in terms of its musical excellence alone it just shines.

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