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Jan 062014

When Patch Day on Worlds of Warcraft comes around – and it often does – things go completely off the ledge.  But do we give up, stop playing until they fix it and go enjoy some fresh air and sunshine for a change?

Why would we want to do that?

This Warcraft machinema video and song, Happy Patch Day, was created in 2010 by The Grey Foo.

And yes, you’ll be hearing this choice cut on Krypton Radio.


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Nov 052013

Krypton Radio V.O.D


The World Of Warcraft themed rock group of SONGHAMMER, is back with their newest release “Better Off Dead!” And if your soul doesn’t feel at least a little shredded after listening to this song, then you need a better soul.

A soul-shredding fight song for gamers by Songhammer and renowned machinima director Baron Soosdon.

Download the song for FREE: http://bit.ly/1cJWmiT
Buy the “World of Songhammer” album here: http://bit.ly/1b0dKi2

Watch their epic live-action music video “Death is on the Way” – http://bit.ly/1eKf5MF

Official Links:

Check out Baron Soosden:

Sep 022012
Pooky Amsterdam's 'Time Travellers' is machinema shot entirely in Second Life.
Pooky Amsterdam's 'Time Travellers' is machinema shot entirely in Second Life.

Pooky Amsterdam’s ‘Time Travellers’ is machinema shot entirely in Second Life.

Machines that serve us more than we serve them is a guarantee as long as we are smarter than they are. What happens when this changes?

Time Travelers is an animated web science fiction adventure series created using Second Life as the graphical and animation engine in a creative process called machinima.  In it, three teens – Sofia, Trevor and Mariah – travel forward in time to become newly minted Mek fighters – defenders of the future.  They must protect a mysterious and growing ORB from the onslaught, and must learn to understand and control their powers in a fight against a Singularity gone bad.

Global crises, robotic acceleration and survival in a post-singularity world are themes, which propel the action. Will humanity’s strengths affect change for the good, or will our weaknesses allow a more sinister plan to emerge? Central characters demonstrate the consequences of technology, both good and bad,  while highlighting important questions relevant today.

The series now with a newly released Episode 5 has won laurels from the Los Angeles Movie Awards and been shown at Animation festivals such as Blue Plum and New Media Film Festival.

Time Travellers is a PookyMedia web series brought to you by The Institute for Global Futures and ihelp / SLFC.

We present all five episodes released so far.  Be sure to subscribe to the PookyMedia YouTube channel for more.

Are you ready?

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Aug 242012

If it exists, there is filk of it. That’s one of the remarkable things about having a radio station like ours – you get to play all sorts of music most radio stations would never even consider.  Today, we found a Minecraft music video to share with you, thanks to Krypton Radio talent scout Charles Raven.

Minecraft, if you’ve been living under a large cubical grass covered rock, is one of the most popular games on the planet.  In it, the world is made of huge blocks, a visual throwback to the earliest days of gaming where everything (including your player avatar) was made of enormous pixels.  What makes Minecraft so engaging isn’t the visual detail in its 3D player environment – it’s the richness of the underlying world that the huge blocks represents.  Players can build anything they can imagine using very simple tools; there is also a scripting language interface, and you can write scripts in the Python scripting language to create almost anything.  The ability to control Mindcraft using scripts you make yourself has given rise to a remarkable amount of machinema – videos created using games as the visual medium rather than taking a camera and going out into the real world.

Take, for example, today’s Video Of The Day: In Search Of Diamonds,by Eric Fullerton of Huntsville, Alabama. Eric is a sound engineer and composer for film and video, but in his spare time he not only creates music (and music videos) about Minecraft, but a lot of his own original songs as well.  He’s well known in the Minecraft online community for the quality of his music and machinema.


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