Contrary to popular belief, Myk Price wasn't rocketed to Earth as an infant, wasn't a test pilot chosen to protect a space sector, wasn't exposed to Gamma radiation, and has never been picked up by an English sounding whack job with a multi-colored scarf flying around in a blue police box.He's still holding hope for the English sounding whack job, though.A naturalized Californian, Myk (pronounced "Mike",) is a husband, musician, massage therapist, and is re-embracing his many decades love of comic books.  When not riding around on his motorcycle, playing music for belly dancers with the band, Rhythm Caravan, or performing with the Los Angeles Recorder Orchestra, Myk can be found reading comics and avoiding household chores by telling his lovely wife, Nola, "I can't, Honey!  I have a deadline!"To be fair, she doesn't buy it, either.

Four-Color Bullet Reviews “Superpowers,” “Justice League Dark,” and “The Quantum Age!”

Hey, everybody!  Welcome and thanks for joining me for another edition of “Four-Color Bullet!” Man, have I got some catching up …

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