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Krypton Radio

Krypton Radio

There are lots of ways to listen.  Krypton Radio is the most technologically connected science fiction radio station in the entire world. We even have our own Android tuner app!


Tuning In

Our own
Android app!
TuneIn for
TuneIn for
Windows Phone
TuneIn for

Listen using iTunes

Listen using Winamp

Listen using
Windows Media Player
Listen using Quicktime


We’re On Some Pretty Special Devices, Too:

We’re on All
Roku Radio Devices!

We’re on the
Windows Media Guide

Search for us under
“science fiction”!

We’re on all
VTuner devices!

We’re even
on Stitcher!


Krypton Radio Offers Three Data Speeds

Krypton Radio provides three streams at varying data rates.  The faster ones sound better; the slower ones are more reliable on slow connections.  Here are the stream addresses:

How To Listen Using iTunes

Try using iTunes on Windows or OSX and press CTRL-U or Command-U and enter  any of the above three stream addresses directly, or look us up under  Internet->Eclectic. 

How To Listen Using Linux

On Linux, use XMMS, Amarok or other stream players and enter one of the above three streams as the stream address.

How To Listen Using TuneIn

You can search for us directly on the TuneIn app or web site to get our 128k stream. We’re always the first listing.

How To Listen Using Cherry Rplayer on Android

Select the “World/Live” tab, then select “Add Channel” and type in the stream URL of your choice.  This choice will be added to your list of favorites.  For cell phone use, we recommend using the 64k stream.  It sounds good enough that on a cell phone you probably won’t hear the difference, and will use up a lot less of your data plan.

How to Listen in Second Life, SpotOn3D, InWorldz, or OpenSim

Open the “About Land” dialog for your parcel and enter one of the above three streams the Sound tab in the “Music URL” field.  You’ll need to do this for every parcel you own, as each parcel has its own separate setting.


You Can Also Find Us On:


Did You Know That The Event Horizon Can Also Be Heard As A Podcast?

Our flagship radio show The Event Horizon is listed on both iTunes and Stitcher along with the Krypton Radio stream on both of these services!  Go look for it, and you’ll find it.


However you choose to listen, Krypton Radio is your best choice for fan-oriented radio. We work hard to make Krypton Radio the best. We hope you enjoy the station.

*Nearly everything you find on the internet that claims to be sci-fi radio is actually just a podcast, not a radio station, or just plays things from one particular niche of fandom, like only Star Trek, only Star Wars, only gaming, or just Lord of the Rings.  Only Krypton Radio brings you the entire spectrum, from engaging talk shows to ripping adventure to the great sound track music from movies, games and television as well as the music the fans make themselves.

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    just found you guys on iTunes and i screamed like a little girl!!!


    Wish, I wish I could find you on Dish! (That would ROCK!)

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