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Our server is located in Canada, and as such is licensed through SOCAN via our Canadian division Krypton Media Group Canada.

There are lots of ways to listen.  Apart from being the most popular sci-fi station on the planet, Krypton Radio is the most technologically connected science fiction radio station in the entire world.

Listen without using data on T-Mobile

T-Mobile has forged a special deal with Tune-In (in violation of Net Neutrality standards, by the way, but we get a little benefit from that in this case). You can now listen to Krypton Radio via Tune-In on your T-Movile phone, as long as you want, without burning up any of your data plan to do it.

Yay! More for you!

Krypton Radio is on Every Smart Phone and Tablet

… except the Kindle Fire. Here’s how to get around that.

It’s true, we’re on every smart phone and tablet except the Kindle Fire, and that’s because the Krypton Radio app isn’t available on the Amazon app store. There are two ways around this problem.

  1. The first is to use the TuneIn app on the Kindle Fire. That will play Krypton Radio directly.
  2. The other is to enable “Apps from Unknown Sources” in your Kindle Fire’s settings using this tutorial, then download and install the APK file for the Krypton Radio app for Android using this link.
  3. If you have a Kindle Fire 2, it comes with Alexa. Just ask it “Alexa, play Krypton Radio”, and it will!

More Ways to Listen

TuneIn for
Windows Phone

Listen using iTunes

Listen using Winamp

Listen using
Windows Media Player
Listen using Quicktime

Listen via Alexa, Google Home, or Cortana

However you trigger your voice controlled system, say the trigger word, and then say “Play Krypton Radio”. That’s all there is to it!

  • Alexa, play Krypton Radio!
  • Okay Google, play Krypton Radio!
  • Hey Cortana, play Krypton Radio!

Just say “Alexa, play Krypton Radio” or “Okay, Google, play Krypton Radio” or “Hey Cortana, play Krypton Radio”, and it will!

Listen Using iTunes

Try using iTunes on Windows or OSX and press CTRL-U or Command-U and enter the stream address directly. You can also select View->Media Kind->Internet Radio->Eclectic->Krypton Radio. You’re welcome. Enjoy.

Listen Using Winamp

Just click on this handy link, and select WinAmp as your weapon of choice when asked.

Listen Using Linux

On Linux, use XMMS, Amarok, Banshee or other stream players and enter the following stream address:

Listen on Facebook

Two billion people now have access to the Krypton Radio player page on Facebook! (Please don’t try to tune in all at once, though. We don’t think we can handle two billion listeners at one time.)

It’s easy! Just open the page to our Facebook player, and you get not only instant tuneage, but a live chat window as well!

Listen in Second Life, InWorldz, or OpenSim

For your land or parcel, go to Land Options, and enter this stream address for your audio stream:

You Can Also Find Us On These Fine Services:

  • (French site).
  •  Search for ‘krypton radio’.
  •  Search for ‘krypton radio’.
  • Go to the web site and ou’ll find us in the Soundtracks genre.
  •  Just search for Krypton in the search box, and there we are.
  • Radio Garden is a fascinating way to explore the world of internet radio, starting with the most unique one – us!
  • Hit-Tuner is a German radio aggregator, featuring some of the best internet radio the planet has to offer. Their site is fast, easy to use, and best of all (from our admittedly skewed perspective) it carries Krypton Radio!
  • Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home can both play Krypton Radio on command – just say the keyword, then “play Krypton Radio”, and the magic happens!

Look for the Following Krypton Radio shows on iTunes and Stitcher:


However you choose to listen, Krypton Radio is your best choice for fan-oriented radio. We’re glad you’re a part of the Krypton Radio family, and we hope you enjoy the station.

— Gene Turnbow, founder and station manager

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