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In this section you’ll find links to one of the oddest phenomenons going:  real life superheroes!

  • Superhero Registry The Superhero Registry documents people who do what the Justice League does, but in real life, and in costume no less.
  • Citizen Heroes A site dedicated to real life citizens who take up the cause.
  • The League of Heroes (The cosplay group based in New York) The best known League of Heroes, a cosplay group based in New York. They do the science fiction and fantasy convention circuit, but this site and its users are mostly involved in costuming, not the actual work. Still, there’s a lot of great stuff in the forums there, including how to gain that heroic physique you may want to have (or get back).
  • Hero FashionsA young woman who spends her hobby hours creating costumes. Again, real life, not Second Life.
  • Skiffytown League of Heroes (a real life superheroes group)”Skiffytown League of Heroes” – “skiffy” here probably refers to “sci-fi” or science fiction. This is another real life superheroes group.


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