Program Schedule


Here’s What’s On on Krypton Radio!

This represents our regular weekly schedule. All times shown are converted from Pacific Time (which means, whatever time it is in Los Angeles right now – that’s where we’re based). Show times are approximate, and can vary as much as a few minutes depending on what song happens to be playing when your favorite program’s air time comes up.

And if you don’t see anything listed for a given time, it doesn’t mean we’re off the air! Krypton Radio continues its broadcast day around the clock, and around the world!

  3 Responses to “Program Schedule”


    I LOVE THIS SONG! I came to dance!!!!!


    Geekvolution Radio hour and Batman music should be back to back but more Batman music love listening while reading keep up the content and hard work


      Huh. We hadn’t thought about it that way. And thank you for the kind words! We’ll see what we can do to get ‘Gotham Nights’ and ‘The Geekvolution Radio Hour’ closer together!

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