DJ Willow Leafstorm


Each Wednesday night between 7PM and 9PM Pacific Time,  join Willow Leafstorm in an evening of Dieselpunk music with her show, Swingtastic! Willow broadcasts live from her club, The Green Fairy Cabaret in Steelhead Nevermoor in the MMO Second Life.

DJ Willow will lift up your your spirits and send them soaring on every note to help carry them to the end of the week.  Get hep to the jive and listen in with the cool cats at the Green Fairy. Just remember, it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!

Then Saturdays at 7PM Pacific and playing straight through till 9PM, DJ Willow Leafstorm winds up the steam powered Victorola – listen for the sound of the grinding gears and the hissing steam ’cause Saturday nights are time for Steam Powered Cabaret! Don your goggles, release the steam pressure valve and throw the switch to engage the gears  because it’s time to board the mighty steam powered airship and head off to musical adventure!

You can follow Willow Leafstorm on Twitter @willowleafstorm, or on her Facebook page.


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    how can I get the steam to be a DJ ?


    Write to us at We’ll need to hear a sample of one of your shows, and you’ll need something to broadcast with, like VirtualDJ, SAM Broadcaster, Mixxx, or something similar.

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