Stark Reality

starkrealitylogoYour favorite nerd news reporter Vagabond “Tony” Carter is back with an all new version of Stark Reality! This popular news segment originally ran on Krypton Radio between 2011 and 2012, and featured Tony’s insightful and occasionally controversial take on the world of geekdom, political doings in the MMO Second Life, and exciting new developments in technology and the Internet at large.

Carter’s show helped build much of Krypton Radio’s early listening audience. Now Tony has brought it back in its new format, offering news of the day in short, easy to handle segments along with our daily DJ shows.

Ever topical, always fresh and occasionally irreverent, Stark Reality is the news nerds need. Keep an ear open for it while you’re listening to Krypton Radio, and don’t forget our free player apps for iOS, Blackberry, Blackberry 10 and Android devices.

Welcome back, Tony – Your fans are glad you’re back!

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