Tonight On The Event Horizon: Travis Richey (Inspector Spacetime)

Travis Richey and Carrie Keranen as Inspector Spacetime and companion Piper Tate.

Have we got a great show for you tonight!  Our guest this evening is writer, actor & producer Travis Richey,…

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Superman Dancers Go For Guinness World Record To Benefit Charity

We're doing the Superman, join us!

This DeLorean powered trip down memory lane is brought to you by the Superman Dancers of Sleaford, Lincolnshire & The 2012 Sleaford Live Festival!

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Comics Spotlight: Love and Capes

loveandcapes logo1

“Love and Capes” is a heroically super romantic comedy situation comedy in comic book form from Thom Zahler. Strong characters, art and story – capes meet soap opera, a chocolate-meets-peanut butter idea!

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The Griefer Mindset: Who They Are and Why They Do It

  Editorial by Vagabond ‘Tony’ Carter We’ve all seen them… rezzing replicators, spamming regions with obscenities, flooding your screen with…

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$1 MILLION DOLLARS Raised by Relay for Life in SL!!

After seven years of fundraising the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life in Second Life, is celebrating a milestone in its history at the accomplishment of reaching the 1-Million dollar mark.

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