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May 082014
Most of the people who ticked off David Banner regretted it.  Sometimes, though, they managed to escape getting smashed.  This common highwayman is far more lucky than he realizes. Travis Richey plays David Banner in this short comedy sketch.  You may also recognize Richey from his appearances on Community as Inspector Spacetime, and he’s  the creator and star of the insanely popular Untitled Web Series About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time.  He and his production team recently concluded a successful campaign to fund The Inspector Chroniclesa feature length motion picture.



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Oct 162013

mysteryImaginationBookstoreThere aren’t many truly remarkable independent bookstores left. The Mystery and Imagination Bookstore in Glendale is one of them.  A favorite hangout of late science fiction legend Ray Bradbury, it’s a magical, cavernous place that’s every book lover’s dream.  However, the current economic environment is making it tough for them to survive.  We don’t ask a lot of our listeners and readers, but if you’re planning on some book purchases, consider buying them from them.  Remember that Christmas is coming, and if you’re not buying for yourself, buy for a friend or family member.  Every reader likes books.

They have thousands of books listed on their eBay store, and tens of thousands more in the store itself, located at 238 N. Brand Blvd. Glendale, CA 91203.  Right now everything they have is 50% off for the walk-in traffic, and 20% off through eBay.  We can’t think of a better time to go seriously nuts buying some books.

From Christine and Malcolm Bell, the owners:

Dear Bookfriends,

Malcolm & I wish to thank all of you who so loyally supported us and
made our bookshop an incredibly special place.
The memories we made here with all of you, are treasured.
Thank you.

Unfortunately, due to difficult economic times for small independent businesses, without more support we will have to close our brick-and-mortar bookshop. We URGENTLY need your help NOW! Help us keep our shop open!

Spread the word!


Every used book on our open shelves is 50% Off!!!
Every glass case book and new book is 30% Off!!
All mail order books are 20% Off (listed on our EBay store)
Simply cut and paste from the url below to visit, browse and purchase
the books listed there.


Or, look under malcolmbook on EBay, then on our mystery and
imagination store for thousands of listings!


Our shelves are bulging with special books.

Come visit our bookstore and receive 50% off all books on our regular
shelves and 30% Off New books and glass cased books! From used $2.00
paperbacks, to new releases, to collectible books in our glass cases.
All are on sale!

mysteryImaginationBookstoreNew arrivals will be added to our shelves daily—So come back often.

Sunday Oct 20th 3-4 p.m.
Grand Launch party for Another Happy Ending. E.E. King will be giving a dramatic and humorous reading and signing her new book. Evie King was one of Ray Bradbury’s dear friends. It was Ray that brought us together. Ray admired her writing talent and wrote a blurb for her book as he read it. E.E. King was here for her previous book GUIDE TO
THE AFTERLIFE. That was an incredible fun event. Please join us for this next launch party –or order a signed mail order book!

Sunday Oct. 27 from 12-5
Ray Bradbury’s acting troupe gives a dramatic reading of the entire novel Fahrenheit 451.

We are: OPEN Sundays!!!
OPEN: Tuesday through Saturday 10:30-6; Sunday 12:30-5
90 Minute free parking in Orange Street Parking Structure!
Sundays, free parking in the rear parking lot.
New arrivals daily!

Thank you for your support!

Christine Bell
Mystery and Imagination & Bookfellows Bookstore
238 N. Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91203

Jun 292013
Travis Richey and Carrie Keranen as Inspector Spacetime and companion Piper Tate.

Have we got a great show for you tonight!  Our guest this evening is writer, actor & producer Travis Richey, known to fans of the NBC television series Community as Inspector Spacetime. This episode of The Event Horizon airs tonight at 9PM PST, 12AM EST, and replays Sunday at 4PM PST, 7PM EST.

Inspector Spacetime started as a Doctor Who spoof on Community, but became something much more.  Travis created a web series loosely based on the original television show character.  His own satirical take on Doctor Who is titled – deep breath – Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveller Who Also Travels Through Time.

How did Richey come to such an elaborate pile of word salad as a show title?  Why didn’t he just call it Inspector Spacetime?  And what kind of a name for a leading character is The Inspector anyway?  I mean, it really doesn’t say anything about who the person is.  “Inspector”?  Inspector what?

The answers to these questions and more  await!

The Event Horizon – it’s Sci-Fi for your Wi-Fi.

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Apr 052012
We're doing the Superman, join us!

Do The Superman!

By Staff Editor, PK


We're doing the Superman, join us!

The 80’s hold a special place in this curmudgeon’s heart; the TV shows, the music, the questionable taste in clothes and the gag me with a spoon references that never seemed to get old. Although if you whip out any of that lingo today, I’ll have to soundly beat you into the ground with the decaying cans of hair spray you have stuffed next to your collection of Swatch Watches. This DeLorean powered trip down memory lane is brought to you by the Superman Dancers of Sleaford, Lincolnshire.

It seems like the UK is awash with Superman themed events this year, as you’ve previously read of the Cats Protection charity holding a Superman themed run, to help raise money for the care of homeless cats throughout the UK. The Superman Dancers of Lincolnshire are trying to not only raise money for a worthy cause, they’re trying to get the side benefit of getting into the Guinness Book of World Records, by holding the world’s largest dance to the song “Superman” by 1980’s band Black Lace.

Aside from dressing up like the Man of Steel and dancing to a really terrible song (in my humble opinion), the main goal is to help raise funds for an important charity. LIVES (Lincolnshire Voluntary Emergency Service), is using the fun community event to raise money to cover its operating budget. The event takes place during the 2012 Sleaford Live Festival, and features music, dancing, side stalls, tombola, raffles and more!


If you happen to be interested in attending both Superman events and don’t mind the travel; Cats Protection & The Superman Dance are both happening in May this year. The Dance happens on May 5Th and the Cats Protection run happens on May 13TH, registration for the dance is open on April 21st, check the websites for the latest details. Who knows, you may be able to take your Superman running buddies to the dance and help create one heck of a Superman themed dance off!



Apr 042012
Doing it for the Super Kitties, mate!

Londoners Get Ready to Walk, Jog, and Run to Help Support Cats Protection Charity

Krypton Radio Newswire

Doing it for the Super Kitties, mate!

Cats Protection, a Feline Welfare Charity is helping our fuzzy friends throughout the UK by raising money, caring for, educating pet owners and helping find homes for thousands of cats in the United Kingdom. Coming the 13th of May 2012, Cats Protection is holding a Superhero marathon as part of its fundraising efforts, and if you happen to be in the London area or are willing to travel bit, you to can join in! Free superhero suits will be provided and the registration fee is only £20, Minimum of £100 for sponsorship!
Come and join us to run, walk or jog 5km for Cats Protection. Over 1,000 people are expected to take part and now this is your chance to join them!

We are looking for Superheroes to take part in the Do It For Charity Superhero Run 2012 and raise much needed funds for Cats Protection. We are an official charity partner of the 2012 run and we’re looking for people to join the Cats Team and release their inner superhero!  No previous experience is required and with a bit of training the distance should easily be within your capabilities. The spirit of the event is ‘taking part’ not ‘winning’ so you can run, jog or walk – you decide!

Cats Protection - Helping Cats In the UK

Cats Protection is the UK’s leading feline welfare charity. Our vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs.

Cats Protection is the UK’s leading feline welfare charity. Our vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs.

It’s an ambitious vision. However, we truly believe it can be achieved because of our passion, our professional approach and simply because cats are among the UK’s most popular companion pets.

Cats Protection has simple and clear objectives to help cats:

  • Homing – Finding good homes for cats in need
  • Neutering – Supporting and encouraging the neutering of cats
  • Information – Improving people’s understanding of cats and their care



Nov 112011
loveandcapes logo1

A Romantic Comedy about Superheroes

by Gene Turnbow


While it’s obvious that I’m a Superman fan, I’m an even bigger fan of the independent creators who are always coming out with fresh new original content. Sometimes you have to wonder how many different ways you can re-tell the creation of Batman, or Superman’s birth before fans become permanently burned out. That’s why it’s always a thrill to mingle with those in the indie comics industry, and I had the chance to do so at the Long Beach Comic Con on Oct 30, 2011.

At the convention I met with and interviewed Mr. Thom Zahler,  the creator of Love and Capes, an honest to goodness situation superhero romantic comedy inspired in part by the television series Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Thom who is a fellow Superman fan, looked at the average Superhero story and thought that no one had really focused on the actual romance between the spandex clad hero and his love; but instead always had the typical sequences of heavy action with the small side story of romance, mixed with the hero’s turmoil of being blessed or burdened with his powers.

Love and Capes follows the adventures of Mark a lantern-jawed yet unassuming accountant, and Abby the bookstore-owner love of his life; who must come to terms with Mark’s secret of being The Crusader, when he decides that he must tell her the truth about his past when professing his undying love for her. Faster than a speeding teen-drama, and able to leap tall soap-operas in a single bound, it’s Love and Capes!

Thom Zahler Interview at Long Beach Comic Con

KR:  Hi Thom!, really good to meet you! I’ve heard about your work and seen bits and pieces of Love and Capes on the internet, so tell me what it’s all about and how it got started?

Thom: Great to meet you too! Love and Capes is superhero romantic comedy; it’s about a superhero kinda like Superman who says” I love my girl friend, but if I’m gonna tell her that, I gotta tell her everything”.  So, is there ever a good time to tell your girlfriend you have x-ray vision? What does she want for Christmas when she knows you can crush coal into diamonds, things like that.

I was looking for a new project in 2005-2006 somewhere around there, I had written a spec sitcom strip for a contest, and found I really liked doing that. But I knew I worked in the world of comics, and knew that I wanted to do something fun to do with comics. Then I had that chocolate and peanut-butter moment, when I realized no one had really tackled the superhero/superman relationship stuff. It’s kinda like Lois and Clark, but Delta Burke never ever shows up in it.

KR: (laughs) So, you’ve been in the comic book industry before doing Love and Capes, what else have you done?

Thom: I had been working for ten to fifteen years, and started off with doing lettering for the longest time, also doing inking. Love and Capes has gotten me more work than anything else.

KR: That’s really cool, so you’ve got fifteen issues of Love and Capes so far?

Thom: Eighteen issues actually! I had thirteen issues done when I self published, and five issues done through I.D.W this year. And there will be also a sixth issue mini-series coming out from I.D.W next year.

KR: Wow, so I know this is a tremendously popular title and..

Thom: Everyone in my family likes it, yes.

KR: Well a few people in mine like it too. (laughs) It’s such a clean fresh start and it’s got a little Disney in it, and a little Saturday morning cartoonish flavor about it. How did you arrive at this style – or were you planning on going this direction when you started out, or did it just evolve on its own?

Thom: It was conscious direction, the project before was standard superhero looking stuff, and I’m ok at that. But once I started doing a lot more cartooning, that was really my wheelhouse and I stopped trying to fight it. Darwin Cook who wound up doing a cover for issue #3 of the I.D.W series was my big inspiration. I had the DC New Frontier book with me the whole time I was doing that, I also had Steve Silver’s Art of Silver book and a couple other really cartoony stuff. I wanted to go into some new graphic dimension, and it became a lot more organic after that. You can really see the growth from the first issue to like issue 6 or 7, where things really start to come together.

KR: Did you take the route of a lot of these other publishers and start with a web-comic, in order to drive the sales of the physical paper?

Thom:  No, actually I did the comic book first, I also work as a graphics designer during the day and as such I have a lot of printing contacts, and knew I could do the book cost effectively. I put the first issue online afterwards, after it came out in stores. And waited until I had more content done with issues 2 and 3 before I put those up; now the book is done in a eight-panel grid, so every fourth panel is a (unintelligible) like a comic strip. It’s built to section up in that four-panel grid, which fits on a computer screen much better, pre-iPad days, so I’ve been able to put the older stuff up. Right now issue eleven is showing online, so ideally you can go to the website, read the comic and get hooked. Decide if you want more, and the only way to get more is that you can buy it.

KR: I see, excellent. Well thank you for speaking with me, it’s been great!

Thom: Thanks, you too!

Now personally, I’ve read a fair amount of Love and Capes online – it reads as a four-panel strip, and has ongoing storylines and memorable characters. The superheroics is central to the premise, but not central to the story.  As goofy as some of the situations are, the characters aren’t just throwaway cardboard cutouts.  You really get a sense of who these people are and why they think they way they do, and the conflict and comedy comes out of this solid foundation.  Add some really appealing character design and strong drawing to that and you’ll be able to see why Love and Capes really hits the mark.

Excerpts from Thom’s Official Biography:

The origins of the man who would become Thom Zahler are shrouded in mystery. Historians currently believe that he was part of the top-secret government super soldier breeding project code-named: “The Zahler Family.”

After twelve years of Catholic school, he was sent to the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art by a military court for a crime he didn’t commit. Zahler promptly escaped the maximum security art education facility to the Northeast Ohio Underground. Today, still wanted by the New Jersey government and several desperate women, he survives as a freelance cartoonist and graphic artist. If you have a job, if no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire…Thom Zahler Art Studios. Blam, blam, blam, blam, blam, blam, blam!

Thom Zahler is many things to many people, including: cartoonist, penciller, inker, letterer, caricaturist, illustrator, web designer, writer, producer, director, game show contestant, prize in a bachelor raffle, and right-handed relief pitcher. One of his favorite roles, however, is Godfather to his lovely Goddaughter Erin, in which he tries to teach the precocious two-year old that Superman really is cooler than Batman, and that, despite what she may hear on the street, Greedo never, repeat never, shot first.

Zahler’s work has been seen nationwide. He designed the bus seen in the Prilosec advertising campaign, worked in many capacities for various comic book companies including Marvel and Claypool Comics, and has done cartooning for both the Cleveland Indians and the Colorado Rockies. He is the designer and webmaster of “Angel” star Andy Hallett’s website, and has designed logos for companies large and small.

He currently lives at his palatial estate, Zahlerdu, in Northeast Ohio. Okay, he really doesn’t call it “Zahlerdu,” but if he did, it would be because of “Citizen Kane” and not that Olivia Newton-John disco movie. It’s not really a palatial estate, either, but it is a pretty nice place.

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