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Sep 272014

inherit2Join us this evening at 9 p.m. Pacific for a fascinating look at the development of an independent adventure game.  Joe Pearce of The Wyrmkeep Entertainment speaks with your hosts Gene Turnbow and Susan Fox about Inherit the Earth 2, originally an adventure game that became a web comic, and now coming back for a sequel. It tells the story of Rif the Fox, and a society of uplifted animals who have replaced humans in the grand order of things. Where the humans have gone is a mystery.

The show airs again on Sunday, September 28, and there are more air times during the week.  Consult our What’s On When page for show times in your area.

The Event Horizon – it’s Sci-Fi for your Wifi.

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Jul 102014

Screenwriter / producer / SF author Raoul Peter Mongilardi

Have we got a great show for you this weekend!  On The Event Horizon this week is science fiction novelist Raoul Mongilardi, author of the Next to the Gods series.  This series is of what we call the “world building” or “empire” class of science fiction, and it’s rich and dense.  If you love empire SF, you’ll find a lot to chew on here.

What makes Raoul so interesting to talk to, apart from the books themselves, is his rich and varied background in sci-fi film and television production.  He’s worked with Disney Imagineering, Paramount Television, and was even Stage Manager for the Geffen Playhouse.  He’s written a number of screenplays as well, and he’s a producer.  He grew up in a filmmaking family and his first big sci-fi project was on Star Trek: New Voyages on the Hugo Award-nominated episode World and Time Enough, where he served as 2nd Assistant Director.  He’s also done some fascinating documentaries, including one on the fabulous pipe organ at the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

Gene Turnbow and Susan Fox host The Event Horizon.

Tune in to hear the show at any of these air times:

  • 5AM Pacific / 8AM Eastern
Sunday, July 13

Thursday, July 17

Saturday, July 19

  •  9PM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
Saturday, July 12
  • 4PM Pacific / 7PM Eastern
Thursday, July 17

Yes, if you manage to miss every one of these showtimes, you can still download the show as a podcast after July 19.  It’ll be on Stitcher, on iTunes, and here on the Krypton Radio web site.

The Event Horizon – it’s Sci-Fi for your Wifi.

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Nov 052013

A Special Thank You Message from Krypton Radio Station Manager Gene Turnbow

Krypton Radio Owner and Station Manager Gene Turnbow

Krypton Radio Owner and Station Manager Gene Turnbow

Though we made only 11% of our goal of $24,000, we still have enough money to at least keep the radio station online and on the air through the end of this year and through the spring of 2014!  The campaign was success enough to save the day anyway.

Admittedly this was all a calculated risk – but we chose IndieGoGo this time, so we actually do get to keep the portion of our goal that the campaign did earn.

A lot of you went for the refrigerator magnets.  I have to be honest here – I haven’t done the design for them yet!  But that’s coming in the next day or so and you’ll see that posted here before they go out.  They’ll be on par with the quality of the t-shirts and coffee mugs, so expect something cool.

We will be sending out a questionnaire shortly to ask for sizes and styles for the apparel prizes, and we’ll be sending those out shortly as well.

For those watching our campaign and who were so generous with their financial support, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  The perks will begin going out in just a few days from now.

For those who were watching our campaign and did not contribute, your chance will come again soon enough.  We’re obviously going to have to come back to the well and work on another campaign in the spring.

And to those of you who stood by us, and shared the announcements in social media repeatedly and thumped the war drums for us and told your friends about us, thank you.  There are too many of you to mention individually, but you have our undying gratitude, and our loyalty.

Again, thank you all, backers and supporters alike, for your generosity with both your time and your hard earned dollars.  Thanks to you, Krypton Radio lives on, and the daydreams we all share through the music live on too.


Gene Turnbow

President of Krypton Media Group, Inc.

Station Manager, Krypton Radio

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Jul 202013

On The Event Horizon tonight is special guest Elizabeth Watasin, author and illustrator  of the ongoing  paranormal steampunk adventure series, The Dark Victorian!

Elizabeth Watasin at Comikaze Expo 2012.

Steampunk novelist and illustrator Elizabeth Watasin at Comikaze Expo 2012.

Elizabeth Watasin is the acclaimed author of the Gothic steampunk novel The Dark Victorian: RISEN  and The Dark Victorian: BONES and the creator/artist of the indie comics series Charm School. She has worked as an animator on thirteen Disney feature films, including Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Princess and the Frog, and has written for Disney Adventures magazine. She lives in Los Angeles with her black cat named Draw.

She is also a member in good standing of the League of Extraordinary Ladies, and shares that distinction with our own executive producer Susan Fox, who co-hosted this evening’s episode with Krypton Radio station manager Gene Turnbow.

Tune in tonight at 9PM Pacific to hear Elizabeth.  It’s a fascinating discussion about character and story development, and about the steampunk milieu, and a peek into Elizabeth’s creative process.  It airs again Sunday (tomorrow) at 4PM PST / 7 PM EST.

The Event Horizon – it’s Sci-Fi for your Wi-Fi!

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Jul 132013
Convention producer Jeff Mach

Convention producer Jeff Mach

This past Wednesday was Nikola Tesla’s birthday, and we joined the world in celebrating the birth of one of the greatest minds humanity has ever produced.

So appropriately, tonight’s episode of The Event Horizon features special guest Jeff Mach, creator of  The Geek Creation Show, a benefit convention whose profits all go toward the establishment and opening of the Tesla Science Center in Wardclyffe on Long Island in New York.  It takes place August 2-4, 2013 in The Sheraton of Parsippany in New Jersey.

He’s also the man behind an amazing array of other conventions and gatherings:

Join us this evening at 9PM PST, 12AM EST for The Event Horizon and Jeff Mach.  Gene Turnbow and Susan Fox host.

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Jul 062013

Ryan Hendrick guests on The Event Horizon tonight at 9PM PST / 12AM EST – we talk about his impressive Doctor Who fan film series Doctor Who: Besieged.

The series is a Doctor Who / Aliens crossover.  It’s the best Doctor Who fan production we’ve ever seen, and Ryan talks about every detail of the show – the production, the casting, the effects, dealing with the BBC, the story development and the characters, and the stuff that just happened that makes the show more than the sum of its parts. He even talks about the Doctor’s quirky and endearing companion Adi, played by Natalie Clarke, and how she came to be cast in the role – and about submitting Doctor Who: Besieged as his demo real to the BBC , now that Matt Smith has decided to step down…

And as promised here is the final episode of Doctor Who: Beseiged! 

Are you for a treat.

Don’t forget to tune in this evening for the show.  Gary DaBaum and Gene Turnbow host.

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