On The Event Horizon: SF Writer / Producer Raoul Mongilardi

Join us this week as we speak with screenwriter, producer and SF novelist Raoul Peter Mongilardi, author of the ‘Next to the Gods’ series.

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On ‘Event Horizon’ Tonight: Elizabeth Watasin, Author of “Dark Victorian” series

On The Event Horizon tonight is special guest Elizabeth Watasin, author and illustrator of the ongoing paranormal steampunk adventure series, The Dark Victorian! 9PM PST / 12 AM EST.

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On ‘The Event Horizon’ Tonight: Convention Producer Jeff Mach

This past Wednesday was Nikola Tesla’s birthday, and we joined the world in celebrating the birth of one of the greatest minds humanity has ever produced. So appropriately, tonight’s episode of The Event Horizon features special guest Jeff Mach, creator of  The Geek Creation Show, a benefit convention whose profits…

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On ‘Event Horizon’ Tonight: ‘Doctor Who: Besieged’s Ryan Hendrick


Ryan Hendrick guests on The Event Horizon tonight at 9PM PST / 12AM EST – we talk about his impressive Doctor Who fan film series Doctor Who: Besieged. The series is a Doctor Who / Aliens crossover.  It’s the best Doctor Who fan production we’ve ever seen, and Ryan talks…

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The Event Horizon: Dr. Rebecca Housel, The Pop Culture Professor!

“Knowledge through Pop Culture” The first female scholar in the United States to focus on comics, Dr. Rebecca Housel, is appearing on The Event Horizon this evening at 9pm PST, 12AM EST!  Join hosts Gene Turnbow and Susan Fox as they engage Dr. Housel in a fascinating discussion of popular…

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The Event Horizon: Jimmy Diggs & Tim Russ – “The Crypto-Historians”


Tune in Saturday at 9PM PST / 12AM EST, Sunday 4PM / 7PM EST to hear Jimmy Diggs and Tim Russ talk about their new Sci-Fi project, THE CRYPTO-HISTORIANS.

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