2016 Hugo Award Finalists Announced

The finalists for this year’s Hugo Awards and John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer were announced on Tuesday, April 26, 2016, at 12:00 PM CDT. The announcement was made live to social media, including the Twitter and Facebook accounts of MidAmeriCon II, and via press release. 4032 valid nominating ballots (4015 electronic and 17 […]

2012 Hugo Awards Announced By Chicon7, 70th World Science Fiction Convention

Chicon 7, the 70th World Science Fiction Convention, has announced the 2012 Hugo Award winners. 1922 valid ballots were received and counted in the final ballot.

Chicon 7 was a five day event this year, starting August 30th and ending today, September 3.  WorldCon, as it is also known, takes place in a different city around the world each year. It is the premier gathering of authors, artists, fans, dealers, and more in the world science fiction community. Worldcon covers all the genres of written speculative fiction including science fiction, fantasy, horror, slipstream, and alternate history, as well as science, media (movies, television, anime, and online), fanzines, gaming, costuming, filking, and more.

More than 5,000 attendees from more than thirty countries attended the five-day event, and unlike the almost unfathomable San Diego Comic-Con with its attendance of 150,000 annually, this convention above all others champions speculative fiction in all its forms as literature.  Much of the popular media we take for granted today has its origins in the written word, so the Hugo Awards are especially significant and relevant.

The World Science Fiction Convention has been giving out Hugo Awards and setting the standard for predictive fiction since 1955.

The winners, after the break.

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2012 Hugo Award Nominations Announced

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The Hugo Award® is the leading award for excellence in the field of science fiction and fantasy. The Hugos are awarded each year by the World Science Fiction Society, at the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon).

Voting for the Hugo Awards takes place in two stages. The first stage, nomination, is open to anyone who has a Supporting or Attending membership in the previous, current, or following year’s Worldcon as of January 31. For Chicon 7, this means members of Renovation (the 2011 Worldcon), Chicon 7 itself, and LoneStarCon 3 (the 2013 Worldcon).

The second stage of voting is the final ballot. This stage is open only to Chicon 7 members. In the final ballot, members choose between the five finalists in each category. The final ballot was announced today, April 7, 2012, at several conventions being held over the Easter weekend (see below).

The Hugo Awards themselves are presented at a formal ceremony which is always one of the highlights of the Worldcon, and we expect Chicon 7’s ceremony to be no different. The Chicon 7 ceremony will take place on Sunday, September 2, 2012.

The official web site of the Hugo Awards is at www.thehugoawards.org. This site includes a full history of the Hugo Awards, nominees and winners, information on the voting process, a photo gallery of past trophy designs, and much more.

Chicon 7, this year’s World Science Fiction Convention, has announced that they received 1,101 nominating ballots for the 2012 Hugo Awards, a new record, eclipsing last year’s high-water mark of 1,006.

The 2012 Hugo Award nominations were announced today, Saturday, April 7 starting at 3:00 PM Central Daylight Time in an announcement ceremony held simultaneously at these five separate SF conventions:

  • Norwescon 35, one of the Pacific Northwest’s premier science fiction and fantasy conventions, at Seatac, WA (1 PM. PDT)
  • Leprecon 38, Arizona’s annual science fiction and fantasy convention, at Tempe, AZ (1 PM MST)
  • Minicon 47, Minnesota’s longest-running science fiction convention, at Bloomington, MN (3 PM CDT)
  • Marcon 47, the Midwest’s largest annual convention, at Columbus, OH (4 PM EDT)
  • Olympus 2012, the British National Science Fiction Convention (Eastercon) (9 PM BST)

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