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Apr 222012
Planetary Resources

Krpton Radio Newswire A smegged Editorial by Senior Editor, PK

Smoke’em a Kipper, They’ll Be Back For Breakfast!

I’ve been extremely busy lately, laying shipwrecked and comatose with goldfish shoals nibbling at my toes. I awoke to a fully stocked mango juice bar, and the news that James Cameron and others were going to be launching an asteroid mining company. My first thought was “smeg, which one is going to be Rimmer?”. Although on a more serious note, this is a very important time in human history, people seen as pioneers in important industries are joining forces to help humanity explore space and possibly bring millions of new jobs to a struggling world economy.

I’m sure many of us had thought it would be faceless monolithic corporations who would be launching the space race; looking for those precious materials we’re having trouble getting enough of on our own planet. And as many others have pointed out, the incredible irony of James Cameron, the man who made a film about humans being the ultimate space bastards and trying to conquer an inhabited planet for its resources, would be part of this. Continue reading »