Relay For Life 2012 Kicks Off In Second Life

Relay for Life

The American Cancer Society’s 2012 Relay for Life started in earnest last week with an opening rally in four special regions in Linden Lab’s MMO Second Life set aside specifically for the purpose. This year’s theme is “Time For A Cure” and again Second Life residents of all stripes are banding together across the grid in this massive campaign uniting to raise funds to fight cancer.

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Truth and Lies – the League Response

How a handful of facts and a tidal wave of lies were used in a failed attempt to have the Justice League Unlimited removed from Second Life – an examination of propaganda techniques used by the Anonymous internet troll group “The Wrong Hands” against an online citizen’s watch and charity organization who got in their way.

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Relay For Life: Saving real lives in Second Life for over seven years

Krypton Radio Special Report

Relay For Life of Second Life celebrates 7th year and accomplishment of $1Million Dollars Raised as main event kicks off July 16. The American Cancer Society‘s Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL), celebrates its 7th year of fundraising efforts within the virtual world of Second Life. Also…

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Festival and Charity for Peace: PeaceFest 2009

Festival and Charity for Peace: PeaceFest 2009 by Maverick Grunfeld     Today was the start of a three-day long festival within the virtual world of Second Life to support various activist organizations. “PeaceFest” has been considered to be the Woodstock of Second Life. Various performers, artists and speakers gathered…

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