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Sep 172014
listen promo

listen promoWe’ve worked the bugs out, and it’s official: MarkWho42’s WHOniverse is the newest crown jewel in the Krypton Radio family of programming! This Dr. Who-themed podcast has made the transition to being a full on, honest to gosh radio show.

MarkWho42’s WHOniverse is produced weekly by Mark Baumgarten, Patricia Helm, Eduardo M. Freyre, and Christian Basel.  They’ve got some surprises in store for us in the coming weeks, so bookmark Krypton Radio and check in on us to find out what they’ll be.  We solemnly promise that you will not be disappointed..

From their show notes for today’s episode:


 Do you hear that? Could it be the latest episode of Markwho42’s WHOniverse? Can you hear Trish as she gives the latest Doctor Who news? Do the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end as you faintly hear what could be the cast reviewing the season 8 episode Listen? Is that chill from all the talk about Clara and Danny Pink’s first date? Are arms reaching out to grab you as we talk about the thing that may or not be on top of Rupert’s bed? Did the coffee just disappear as we discuss the most shocking scene of the episode? Is that a knock or does the cast have something to say about Clara’s part in that scene?

Are you brave enough to find out?

If you’re in the U.K., you can hear it every Wednesday and Friday at 11:00 a.m., GMT. If you’re in the U.S., it’s on Wednesdays and Fridays at 4:00 p.m., Pacific. Consult our What’s On When page to find the exact time in your area.

Tune in. You’ll have the time of your life.

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Jan 172014

SAG coverTune in at 9 p.m. Pacific on Saturday, January 18, 2014, for The Event Horizon, when Susan Fox and Gene Turnbow talk with steampunk inventor and author Thomas Willeford about his new book, The Steampunk Adventurer’s Guide.

Willeford, owner of Brute Force Studios, is a steampunk propmaster whose works are widely featured on television and in the media, but he’s best known in the steampunk world as the man who created the mechanical arm Nathan Fillion wore in the steampunk episode of ABC’s “Castle.”

The Steampunk Adventurer’s Guide is an illustrated steampunk adventure story (with gorgeous illustrations by Phil Foglio!) which invites the reader to stop along the way and craft a prop needed in the story. With full-sized patterns and photographic step-by-step instructions, you could make the projects as explained; or you could easily simplify them so your 3-year-old could make construction paper versions; or you could go wild and use the patterns and general directions as a basis on which to craft a masterpiece from wood, leather, and any other high-end materials you choose. It’s very literally a craft book for all ages and skill levels.

Krypton Radio is offering you two chances to win your own copy of The Steampunk Adventurer’s Guide!

For your first chance, click on the contest banner below. This giveaway ends Friday, January 17, 2014, at 11 p.m. Pacific.  It’s free  to enter. 



For your second chance to win, tune in to The Event Horizon on Saturday, January 18, 2014, at 9 p.m. Pacific to get your entry password. If you miss the broadcast, you can catch the replay on Sunday at 4 p.m., or check out the recording on the website. Once you’ve got your password, head over to the contest page to enter!

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After all, it’s Sci-Fi for your Wi-Fi.

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Nov 222013

By Karina “Cinerina” Montgomery



Personal Rating: Matinee Plus Snacks

Remember who the real enemy is.

MPAA Rating: PG-13
Release date: 11/22/13
Time in minutes: 146
Director: Francis Lawrence
Studio: Lionsgate

We were privileged to attend a double feature of Hunger Games and Catching Fire for the second installment of this trilogy.  I entered with a recent reread of Suzanne Collins’ dystopian novels under my belt and fairly high expectations after the vivid reminder of what a smart adaptation the first film was.  I cried more in the first, but sweated more in the second.  None of us was disappointed.

The primary narrative challenge of these stories is keeping us firmly centered in the experience for Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), but also giving the audience clarity on things that she knows and remembers but doesn’t talk about.  Whether that’s explaining what a tracker jacker is or detailing the war that led to this world of Panem, the film adaptations have a lot of modifications to make to a harrowing personal experience with broader implications.  The Oscar-winning screenwriters Simon Beaufoy and Michael Arndt (both new to the franchise and both with impressive filmographies) take over the franchise with aplomb.

They keep the characters we love intact but expand their range from the original.  Stanley Tucci and Elizabeth Banks have more to do, which is never a bad filmmaking decision, and Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth get to expand their emotional palette.  I was very happy with the emotional scope of the first movie but really appreciated the additional range everyone got here.

Casting of the new characters was spot-on – new entrants Sam Claflin (Finnick), Jeffrey Wright (Beetee), Amanda Plummer (Wiress), Jena Malone (Joanna), and Philip Seymour Hoffman (my original favorite for Haymitch but now playing Plutarch Heavensbee) were all perfect for their parts.  Hoffman plays the new Gamemaker differently than I had imagined him (and fans, we don’t get to see his fancy watch) but in the course of the film he was portrayed exactly right.

A friend won’t see these movies because they are too stressful.  I, a glutton for dystopic and end-of-days narratives, scoffed politely – and 36 hours later I was literally at the edge of my seat, perspiring through my sweater even in the chilled theatre.  The Arena before was filled with bloodthirsty but mostly evenly-matched kids.  This time, it’s furious, multi-generational victors (Spoiler? Really? Go read them and come back.), so the Arena itself becomes the attacker.  The complicated nature of this Arena was handled very well and visually fabulous.  Even knowing how it all plays out, my heart was in my throat.

Director Francis Lawrence brings a new (less shaky) cinematographer and about eight zillion dollars’ worth of extra effects and background wardrobe/makeup to this installment, and an intense focus on the emotional toll the Hunger Games take on society.  And no one even says “fascism” once!

If you are already following the franchise, you’ll see it anyway, but rest assured that the Collins’ work is still in good hands.  If you’re still undecided, the action and spectacle in this one might be just the ticket to get you hooked.  You don’t have to have read the books to enjoy these films, but more material was cut from Catching Fire that might make certain things feel random or glossed over.  Fans will nod wisely at the red dotting President Snow’s lips, or fill their hearts when the morphling watches the sun set, or feel the chill at glimpses of the new Avoxes.  It’s good, go see it.


 I feel I should explain my rating system. I rate movies in the language that studios understand: money. If a movie delivers what it promises, then it should be rewarded accordingly. If a movie wastes your time, it should not get as much of your money. “Good” is a concept that extends beyond the arthouse. But I don’t need to tell you nerds that.
Nov 222013

by Ralph Carr

DAVID BRADLEY as William Hartnell who played the original Doctor Who.

DAVID BRADLEY as William Hartnell who played the original Doctor Who.

I was eight years old when Doctor Who aired first on TV, and was instantly hooked on the Bigger on the Inside Police Box, and yes, we really did have them dotted around in the society.

The Doctor, Played by William Hartnell, was everybody’s Grandfather. The War was still fresh in our race memory, and Mr. Hartnell, embodied that gruff indomitable British Spirit we all knew was the rough exterior of a heart of gold and the caring softer interior.

This documentary, took us all down memory lane, and revealed to me, how the incredibly talented actor, became The Doctor, setting the bar so incredibly high, and leaving a legacy that subsequent regenerations had to so work hard to sustain.

AAISAT, showed a Mr Hartnell in wonderful 3D, with a stunning performance by David Bradley, who showed the character of William Hartnell, warts and all, although there were not that many warts.

The insecurities right through to the overconfidence, and the final days of the First Doctor on the set, his love of the part, his unwillingness to accept second best, his love of the children fans, and his dedication, despite failing health, were all addressed, with care and sensitivity.

David Bradbury, although, the star, was supported by an equally glittering cast, who made each individual part come back to life, and how wonderful to see them all again after all these years. The humour was there too, in a Dalek, wanting to go for a wee, the cyberman having a cigarette, and the adoring fans wanting autographs, the producers fighting for the show’s integrity, and the remarks made offstage, that with our hindsight, were so poigniant.

The sets of the sets were magnificent, the creatures fantastic, and for the time and budget, the amazing special effects.

The one remark, from the BBC execs, that stood out, was to the producer, ‘… Kill Doctor Who…’ as if that would ever be an option. Fifty years later and still, no one has managed.

I have been deliberately vague on detail, as I don’t want to spoil your enjoyment, but rather encourage your curiosity.

Very rarely has a program, a documentary at that, reached through my Vulcan training, to make me weep openly, and to make me glad that I am a Whovian, but by the end of this one, I was bawling like a baby.

I wholeheartedly commend this to anyone who has any, even remotely vague interest in Doctor Who, just keep a box of tissues to hand.

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Nov 222013

By Erik “PK” Blackwell


Filmmaker Alek Gearhart is back with his latest production “The City With Two Faces,” the continuation of the Joker Rising storyline. Dylan Hobbs reprises his role as the infamous Joker, born from Gotham City’s brutal underworld, he quickly becomes known for his violence and unique brand of crime.

Gearhart, of Smoking Alien Productions and Elroy Pictures, brought us a new interpretation of how The Joker from DC’s Batman universe was created. Drawing inspiration from Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy which featured a more realism based approach in character development, Gearhart took it further in a quest to portray an even grittier and more realistic world in which the Joker would have been born, not holding back on the violence and language that we’d expect from a psychopath of Joker’s caliber.

I truly enjoyed Gearhart’s take on the creation of the Joker and many other well known Batman villains, bringing them to life in a contemporary setting without going over the top the way Nolan did in his cannon trilogy.

What set Joker Rising apart from many fan films, was that it was a full fledged feature length movie. And while many commentators took issue with the low budget aspect of the film, I looked past that and saw how the filmmakers and the actors truly put their hearts and souls into the movie. I think that’s what Hollywood has been forgetting for the longest time – you don’t have to have multimillion dollar special effects as long as you have a good script and solid actors who can truly bring their characters to life.

Continuing the story

“The City With Two Faces” is as I said, the continuation of the Joker Rising storyline, where we saw the Joker born from violence and heartbreak. Now we’re introduced to the the next chapter, meeting “Two-Face.” Little is known about the film’s plot at this point aside from it focusing on three main characters, Joker, Harvey Dent/Two-Face, and Batman. You may think that you already know what is going to happen, and that’s the exciting part, you don’t. Gearhart has broken from standard rehashed cannon with characters we thought we knew, being introduced with different background stories and different goals.

As we saw in the first movie, a surprise to many was that Joker (then known as Cyrus) was a simple drug dealer and enforcer. Who despite his apathy and psychosis,  falls in love with a prostitute named “Harley.” It’s only when his first true love is murdered before his eyes, and he’s subsequently brutally tortured by a man he once thought an ally, does The Joker become reality.

What drew me to Gearhart’s film was the acting and the storytelling, that’s why I’m excited to see this continuation. Admittedly the production values weren’t perfect for Joker Rising, but after seeing the trailer for The City With Two Faces, I can tell that Gearhart is doing his best to take it up several notches in attempt to make this a wonderful fan made trilogy. The City With Two Faces is being broken up into two feature length films, with this being part one of the story. But just based on the trailer, I can already see the potential of this movie, and I’m truly looking forward to seeing how it develops.

Like Joker Rising, Gearhart’s latest film is supported with crowdfunding. He’s currently running an IndieGoGo campaign trying to raise at least $15,000 to help cover the costs of production, and if his efforts pay off, we may be treated to a spectacular example of indie film-making.


The Idea

The City With Two faces is a continuation of the feature length Fan Film Joker Rising (as seen on youtube) That was a film about the Joker’s Origin. But now that the Joker has been born he is free to terrorize Gotham in new and more demented ways than ever. 

The City with Two Faces will be two films. Part 1 and Part 2. This will be the first feature length fan film trilogy ever made. We desire to continue in the same vein as the first. It will be dark but will be story and character driven. 

If we can raise the funds for this I believe that we will be ushering in a new era of fan films that feature amazing performances, character development, and mind blowing stories.

The City With Two FacesMission Statement

We are a group of indie filmmakers who are dedicated to the craft and stories. A promise that we can make is that once the proper budget is raised we will immediately go into pre production then into production without any hang ups. We know what we are trying to achieve and how to do it. The first film, JOKER RISING, was written in March 2013, cast in April, and filmed over 8 days in early June. The final cut of the film was released at the end of July. That is our work flow and we intend to maintain it for these next two films. This is the promise we make to you- that these films will be filmed and completed in a timely manner.

Production Blog

We will also have a video production blog going that will be released on the facebook page every other week to show you where the project is.

What We Need & What You Get

We are asking for 15 grand, which is a lot. We understand. But both of these films will be 90 minutes long or more and will feature numerous characters, sets, action scenes, effects, an original score and more. We are trying to make two epics. Every dime we receive will go to the production of these films.


On the right side are listed the many perks that are available for donators of this project. There is a plot in the film where people are becoming obsessed with the joker and begin to emulate him. This is why at the 5 dollar level and above we are asking that you (if you’d like) send us a pic of you with the Joker Make up on (without the actual scars) we will put it in the film. This will be part of the plot and will be another way to be featured in the film. Send all pics and questions to

The Funds Will Go To The Following:

Pay for incredible actors, catering, batman suits, large sets- including a bat cave, practical effects, digital effects, make up artists, props, blanks for guns, room and board for actors who live far away, transportation, and to the creation of the final dvd’s for these films.

The Impact

Your contribution will help bring to the world the first full length fan film trilogy and hopefully usher in a new era of DIY filmmaking. You will be apart of something epic and ground breaking. 

We thank you all for your consideration and for possibly being apart of filmmaking history.

Other Ways You Can Help

We would be grateful for any help you can give. Whether it be through donations or even just getting the word out about this page or our Facebook page.

The City With Two Faces @ IndieGoGo

The City With Two Faces @ Facebook

The City With Two Faces @ YouTube


Nov 222013
Planetary Resources

Krypton Radio Space News


Bellevue, Washington – Planetary Resources, Inc., the asteroid mining company, has signed a Space Act Agreement with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to design and implement crowdsourcing algorithm challenges in the effort to detect, track and characterize near-Earth objects (NEOs).  All data compiled and used for these challenges will be open-sourced and publicly available.

Under the non-reimbursable agreement, Planetary Resources will guide the development of challenges, facilitate the online availability of NASA-funded sky survey data sets, and help support the competition and review results. NASA will develop and manage the contests, and explore use of the best solutions for enhancement of existing NASA-funded survey programs. The program will build upon the dataset produced by ‘Asteroid Zoo’, a partnership with the Zooniverse collaboration and Adler Planetarium to engage citizen scientists.

The primary business of Planetary Resources is to prospect and mine asteroids with high concentrations of water and precious metals, and this economically driven activity will not only help identify prospective targets but also aid in learning more about our Solar System and protecting Earth from hazardous asteroids.  “Our mission is to mine asteroids for precious resources, but we uniquely understand the crowd’s interest to be actively involved in space exploration. And, we are always seeking new and innovative ways to increase our knowledge of NEOs, especially those that may be potentially hazardous,” said Chris Lewicki, President and Chief Engineer, Planetary Resources, Inc.

Lindley Johnson, Program Executive of NASA’s near Earth object observation program, said, “This partnership uses NASA resources in innovative ways and takes advantage of public expertise to improve identification of potential threats to our planet.  This opportunity is one of many efforts we’re undertaking as part of our asteroid initiative.”

Today, there are approximately 620,000 asteroids that are tracked in our Solar System.  This number represents less than one percent of the estimated objects that orbit the Sun.  “While improving the algorithms to detect NEOs helps gain more data, additional surveys, telescopes and capability put to the search will also assist in completing the task of compiling a comprehensive open-sourced catalog,” continued Lewicki.

With the understanding of the importance of public involvement, Planetary Resources recently completed a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for the ARKYD – the world’s first crowdfunded space telescope. The company exceeded its original US$1 million goal and raised a total of $1,505,367 with more than 18,000 people from around the globe pledging their support for ARKYD. Over 17,000 people requested their very own #SpaceSelfie, another 2,100 donated time on the ARKYD to education and many others are looking to gain access to the ARKYD to explore the cosmos on their own!

Planetary Resources, Inc. was founded in 2009 by Eric Anderson and Dr. Peter H. Diamandis. Our vision is to establish a new paradigm for resource utilization that will bring the Solar System within humanity’s economic sphere of influence. The company will conduct low-cost robotic space exploration beginning with the Arkyd Series of space missions that will identify the most commercially viable near-Earth asteroids. These initial missions will assist the company in enabling the retrieval of raw materials from these select asteroids, including water, precious metals and more.

Planetary Resources is financed by industry-launching visionaries, three of whom include Google’s CEO Larry Page and Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt; and Ross Perot, Jr., Chairman of Hillwood and The Perot Group; who are committed to expanding the world’s resource base so humanity can continue to grow and prosper for centuries to come. Some of the company’s partners and advisors include the Bechtel Corporation; film maker and explorer James Cameron; former Chief of Staff, United States Air Force General T. Michael Moseley (Ret.); and Sara Seager, Ph.D., Professor of Planetary Science and Physics at MIT. Members of the company’s technical staff have worked on every recent U.S. Mars lander including Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity, and include other key non-aerospace and safety-critical disciplines.

For more information, please visit

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