Relay For Life 2012 Kicks Off In Second Life

Relay for Life

The American Cancer Society’s 2012 Relay for Life started in earnest last week with an opening rally in four special regions in Linden Lab’s MMO Second Life set aside specifically for the purpose. This year’s theme is “Time For A Cure” and again Second Life residents of all stripes are banding together across the grid in this massive campaign uniting to raise funds to fight cancer.

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The Griefer Mindset: Who They Are and Why They Do It

  Editorial by Vagabond ‘Tony’ Carter We’ve all seen them… rezzing replicators, spamming regions with obscenities, flooding your screen with…

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W-Hat Leader Banned From Second Life

Known within the virtual world of Second Life as Masakazu Kojima (Masa), leader of the controversial and at times infamous W-Hat group, has announced via the W-Hat website that her account had been permanently banned from the SL service by Linden Lab. The online service cites “severe or repeated violations of the Terms of Service” but in their email to Masakazu did not detail what those violations were.

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