Feb 152013

Reviewed by Movie Moxie’s Alicia Glass 

batman-the-dark-knight-returns-part-2-posterStudio: Warner Bros., DC Entertainment

Director: Jay Oliva

Movie Moxie Review Rating: 7

The elderly Dark Knight is forced out of retirement to battle the Joker, the Gotham City Police, possible nuclear destruction, and the strong if misguided wrath of Superman!


The Joker’s loose and blowing stuff up with the help of the Puppetmaster, in general creating as much havoc as possible before forcing Batman (Peter Weller) to break his damnable neck in a fit of rage. Batman is big about control, and this is something only lightly touched on in the Joker (Michael Emerson) segment, which is a shame since Joker’s supposed to be his greatest nemesis. In the end, Joker has the last laugh as he always does, and takes his own life, but in such a way that sets the GCPD on Batman for murder; whee! Poor Joker is hardly the focus of Part 2, which is again a shame, as far as I could see the main reason he was there was to set into motion a nuclear strike that would toss the whole world into utter chaos. He almost succeeded too. His chaotic nature, his complete lack of control that spreads to everything that holds his attention long enough, is what I think makes the Joker such a dangerous and yet compelling villain in the Batman universe.

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Oct 172012

Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Studio: Capcom Company, Sony Pictures Entertainment

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Makoto Kamiya

Review Rating: 7

Set inside the Resident Evil world of the Umbrella Corp and mutating zombies, Leon Kennedy is sent to an eastern Slav republic Bio Organic Weapons are being tested and an outbreak is sure to follow!

It’s a little hard for me to get into these side films of the RE world, as much as I enjoy the movies with Milla Zovovich, never played the video games.Leon is an iconic character from the video games, he’s never been in any of the films to my knowledge. Ada Wong has, but we’ll get to her in just a second.

The show starts off with an intro about how war completely devastated this “eastern Slav country” and how their leaders, in particular President Svetlana Belikova, are desperate for a solution. Leon gets scooped unceremoniously scooped up while on vacation and deposited in the desolate war-torn country to deal with the latest bio threat. He soon enough gets attacked by Lickers, those fleshy things that look kind of like dogs turned inside out with brains where the eyes and all should be.


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Jan 112012
Marvel Comics contemplates its next move...
Editorial by Gene Turnbow
Marvel Comics contemplates its next move...

Marvel Comics contemplates its next move...

In 2003, the United States Court of International Trade (a branch of the federal judiciary most of us have never heard of) declared in a judgment in the case of Toy Biz v. United States that many of their action figures were toys, not dolls, and were therefore owed a refund in import tariffs as dolls are taxed at double the rate toys are for some reason.

This happened to include action figures of Marvel Comic’s X-Men and Fantastic Four. To get the court to agree to this, Toy Biz had to convince the court that these characters had properties and qualities that no human being has, and by extrapolation were therefore not legally dolls, but toys.

On January 3, 2003, after examining more than 60 action figures, Judge Judith Barzilay ruled in their favor, granting Toy Biz reimbursement for import taxes on previous toys.

The internet is buzzing with this news this month. So why is this news in 2012 when the whole thing happened nine years ago?

We have a general sense of right and wrong. But in general, collectively, we are only dimly aware of the weird stuff going on around us that can negatively impact our way of life. In 2003, the fact that Marvel would go along with the proposal that their all too human characters were inhuman despite spending decades convincing us of their quintessential humanity despite the powers with which they’d been gifted didn’t have much of an impact other than to outrage a few loyal fans who felt that Marvel had turned its back on its own creations.

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